Learn Why You Might Need Personal Injury Solicitors

Understanding what Personal Injury Claim is:

Do you know what personal injury claim means? Basically, it is a legal process. The purpose of it is to recover money. This applies to those who have suffered a personal injury which was in no way their fault. Such personal injury claims includes a lot of different types. These claims usually arise from road car accidents, accidents at work, whiplash injuries, and accidents on a holiday or in public places. These personal injury claims can also include trips and slips but in order to claim it, you have to have no part in it. In order to make a claim, you will need the help of personal injury solicitors.

Learn Why You Might Need Personal Injury Solicitors


If the personal injury you have suffered has nothing to do with you then you can claim two different types of claims. Accident at work compensation solicitors can guide you on what you will be able to claim depending on your situation. The two types of compensation are namely general damages and special damages.

Understanding General Damages:

General damages are basically paid as a total sum of money to compensate the person not only for the pain but also for the loss of any amenity that they might have suffered. The total amount of money that you will receive is decided on by the court. It also depends on the impact the accident had on your life. This is figured out by how severe your injuries are. It might also, in some cases, depend on the extent of your disability.

Understanding Special Damages:

Special damages include any expenses that might have occurred as a result of the accident. It includes both past expenses and also those that you might have to make in the future. Special damages usually include any loss of earnings, vehicle repairs, damage to personal belongings, medical care and cost and rehabilitation treatment.

In what Case can the Claim be Made?

Anyone who has been an accident can file a personal injury claim. The only condition is that the accident should be the result of somebody else’s negligence. If you are under eighteen and you file a claim then the court will themselves appoint you with a litigation friend. That person will be making the claim on your behalf. If the accident is fatal then the financial dependents of the deceased can make the claim. Their claim can include the loss of dependency in cases where the sole earner of the family has passed away.

The Right Time of Making the Claim:

The time frame in which you can claim a personal injury varies. The time frame depends on the circumstances of the accident and also on the nature of the injuries. Your accident at work solicitors burnley can guide you better on what the right time is. Hence, it is quite important that you contact a solicitor as soon as you can after the accident. Then you will be guided step by step on what to do.

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