Latest Trends In Sleepwear

Women’s sleepwear or what is popularly known as nightwear, nightclothes or nightdress plays a very important role. It has been specially designed for sleeping purposes and worn by the females who feel comfortable in it. The type of sleepwear can be selected depending on the season. Today the market is flooded with sleepwear for different seasons and in different materials. Each comes with a specific feature which will wonderfully cater to the different needs, styles and preferences of each female. The need of the hour is to find out enough time to educate yourself with assorted styles and also get inspired from its variegated looks and appeal in order to create your personal fashion statement.

Sleepwear that is truly intended for the female gender is a baby doll called short nightgown or negligee. Usually this garment is trimmed with Marabou fur, bows, ribbons, appliqués, lace and ruffles that can be optionally designed with spaghetti straps. And the materials that are used for making this includes sheer or translucent fabrics like nylon, chiffon or silk. A babydoll indeed is regarded a provocative dress that looks like a minidress having 6 inch hemline on top of the knees as well as a hollow pattern on the necks.

Latest Trends In Sleepwear

In fact the most common, loosely designed sleepwear for females is the nighty or the nightgown that is manufactured of materials like cotton, silk, satin and nylon. The length may vary from floor length nightgown to hip-length. But normally it is about knee length. It can be decorated using lace appliqués and embroidery on the cups and the hemlines.

Negligee is a women’s nightwear that is intended only for night use and for the bedroom. Having made its foray into the 18th century in France it imitated that times women’s day dresses. The alteration of designs, however with lace trimming, translucent bodies and bows lead in regarding this as a lingerie. And the modern styles revealed fabrics that are sewn in different layers offering a fine emphasis on female’s bedjackets and bed-capes.

The simple garment that women wear next to the skin for protecting their attires from sweat and body oils is known as smock, shift or chemise. Lingerie is a women’s  sleepwear that is now regarded as undergarments. There is a special type of shirt that can be utilized for sleeping and it is known as a nightshirt. It is a bedtime attire made as an undergarment. Another variety is a long nightgown made of chiffon having a sheer design called peignoir. This is worn by a female without underwear, but generally it is sold with a panty fixed to it.

Women’s sleepwear today continues to dominate most female’s fashion preferences. There are some who wear it in front of the public for expressing their ideas that such comfortable sleep dresses can be elevated indeed especially for the legal public use. On the other hand, there are some who experimented using it along with their blazers, sweaters, jeans and denim shirts. The sleepwear or night wear’s versatility has opened women’s creative horizons. It is no longer for bedroom or indoor use only. This can also be an attractive outwear that can be worn confidently with/without accompaniments. Females will feel comfortable, sexy and cute along with fashion being a matter of utmost confidence in them.

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