Labiaplasty – Introduction And Procedure Explained In Detail With Possible Risk Factors

Introduction –

As any other cosmetic surgery, female cosmetic genital surgery has also gained a lot of attention in the last decade. If you would have asked about the necessity of female cosmetic genital surgeries a decade ago, then you would have got a mixed reaction from people (mostly being against it). Today people are more open minded and understand the value of self esteem and the importance of feeling good about themselves.

Female cosmetic genital surgeries are not just an optional surgery or a choice of the patient. It can also be a medical requirement for a person to go through FCGS. There are many online websites which offer great information about different types of procedures involved in FGCS.

Labiaplasty - Introduction And Procedure Explained In Detail With Possible Risk Factors

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a female cosmetic genital surgery procedure in which the shape and size of the outer lips of the vagina known as the labia minora is reduced. Many women are born with irregular or large labia minora and other women develop this condition with age or after child birth. Most women adjust to live with this condition and for some this condition can be very embarrassing in front of their sexual partner. Some women get this procedure just to feel pretty and good about their bodies.

Women who prefer wearing tight clothing can often experience chronic labia irritation. They can experience discomfort during sports, sex and other physical activities. Labiaplasty helps to improve the appearance of the outer vagina which ultimately gives women self esteem and confidence about their bodies. Women who suffer from pain and irritation because of enlarged labia often feel relieved after the surgery.

The entire surgery is just 1 – 2 hours maximum. The patient is required to spend an additional hour in the recovery room where a registered nurse will be taking care of the patient. The surgery is a simple procedure where the patient is not incubated or paralyzed. The patient is given a conscious sedation medicine. The patient is asleep during the procedure and will regain complete consciousness soon after the procedure is done.

Risks –

When it comes to a surgery people have many questions in their minds, one of them being the risk factors. The most common risks involved with the Labiaplasty surgery are bleeding, scarring and infection. These risks are high unusual but are still being mentioned for informational purposes.

Postoperative Period –

As it is a surgery the patient will experience some discomfort on the incision sites for the first few days. The patients are sent home after the procedure and are prescribed with antibiotics and pain medications. Complete healing process taxes about 6 weeks. The sutures used in the procedure are absorbable.

Post Operative Visits –

It is a doctor’s responsibility to take care of his patients during and after the surgery. Most commonly the patients are recommended for post operative visits at least 4 times in 8 weeks (once in every 2 weeks).

You can find the best labiaplasty surgeon in your home town. Make sure to make an appointment before you reach out for the procedure.

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