Keep Real Time Track On The Latest Info For Anthony Hamilton Tour

Among the many facilities offered by the internet, online concert ticket booking presents great opportunities for avid fans of original music. All systems are very professional with musicians conveniently displaying the upcoming tour dates on specific websites from where the audience can get all the information. You can go through the biography of the singer, check up his discography with a quick glance, and quickly book your tickets for the venue. Although many people may not be aware of it, yet for those who do, there is plenty of good soul music going on around. Fans of acclaimed R&B singer Anthony Hamilton have had a rewarding year with their iconic musician doing over 50 tours in 2016.

Keep Real Time Track On The Latest Info For Anthony Hamilton Tour

Happy 2017

Obviously, more great music is coming up to keep everyone busy in 2017. With the internet in tow, a loyal fan can keep track of the tour as it goes on from one date to the next. Every single concert in a typical Anthony Hamilton tour is worth visiting because the singer is in the habit of presenting surprise tracks in almost all venues.

From where He is

With close to two decades of experience in the music industry, the Grammy Award winning singer has been able to create an elaborate discography. His musical list consists of Seven Albums, numerous collaborative singles, solos, and even two collaboration albums. Back in the days, when Hamilton was not AHam, but a wide eyed ambitious boy from Charlotte, he used to sing in church choirs. His enthusiasm and dedication to soulful music soon caught the attention of a local music producer who paved the way for his career to start at New York. It was in that time, that the young man from Charlotte came in to the city of dreamers. His first days were full of struggle, but being a singer true to the soul, getting in the spotlight seemed only a matter of time. Hamilton’s luck-scape began to change soon as he sought collaboration with established artists and even went with the D’Angelo Voodoo World Tour in 2000 as a backup singer.

Determined Performer

His first album was XTC, which released even after the record label went out of business. However, the determined singer soon shot to fame with his next album Comin’ from Where I’m From which rose to the heights of Platinum selling. The two subsequent albums, Ain’t Nobody’s Worryin’ and The Point of it All also reached to the heights of Gold selling records. That was in 2008. After a desperate draught of such exemplary success in the last 8 years, Hamilton decided to come back from his stupor by doing LIVE shows after Live shows to woo his audience.

After a hectic year, the singer is ready to continue the trend in 2017 with the upcoming concerts Anthony Hamilton extravaganza. Tickets are already available for booking and loyal fans must hurry before another fully sold out show at your nearest venue. AHam shows are filled with energy and excitement, at the same time tickling your funny bone for some time, and shifting to a deep soulful reverie by the next moment. Open air shows also allow great opportunities to dance and enjoy the catchy tunes.

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