Jonathan Bunge- Sharing The Passion For Soccer With The Next Generation

Soccer is a popular game that millions of people around the globe play. All sections of society play this game and it is one of the cheapest sports in the world. All you need to play soccer is a football but the participants playing this game are able to accomplish amazing feats. Soccer never fails to excite both the players and the spectators watching the game. This particular sport has the ability to break all the barriers of race, caste, creed, nationality and bring together people from various countries together. The passion for this sport around the world culminates in spectacular tournament held every four years known as FIFA world cup.

Jonathan Bunge is a passionate soccer fan whose love for the game inspires him to spread the social and health benefits of this exciting game to everyone. In spite of being employed in the transport industry and owning his own trucks, he keeps track of all the latest news and updates of his favorite team – Cleveland Browns. He has his own blog and loves to write articles on soccer. He goes to the extent of encouraging children to play soccer and teaches them how to play the game.

Jonathan Bunge- Sharing The Passion For Soccer With The Next Generation

Soccer gives young people the opportunity to exercise rigorously between two to five days a week. Most of the practice sessions of this game involve physical fitness, endurance, and strength training. Apart from this, the particular sport helps young people improve their ball control. In the game, you get the opportunity to run around the football pitch that enhances your stamina and endurance. The stopping, starting and cutting maneuvers help in building your strength. Moreover, learning to maneuver and controlling the football helps in motor skill development. As Jonathan Bunge rightly states that whether you are part of a competitive or recreational team, you will find the players are always exercising together.

Jonathan Bunge emphasizes that teaching children to play soccer from a very young age will help them to develop skills and habit that lead to a healthier adulthood. This game is one of the best activities for promoting physical fitness among young children and adolescents. If you go to any soccer club or field, you will not fail to notice young children exercising, laughing and playing with their fellow teammates. It is the love for this game among children and the enjoyment for exercise helps to promote fitness.

In spite having played soccer his childhood, Jonathan Bunge is still associated with the game and will go to any extend to promote it. He encourages parents to let their children learn and play the game. He emphasizes that it is best way to help children of various communities and racial backgrounds integrate and develop social skills essential for adulthood. Moreover, this game promotes physical fitness among young people and they are less likely to have health problems when they turn into adults.

Jonathan Bunge is passionate for soccer that knows no boundaries and wishes to encourage this sport to the next generation.

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