John Kasper: The Highly Acclaimed Bobsledder

The winter Olympics just like the summer Olympics is a major international sporting that is held every four years. However, this particular Olympics only feature snow and ice sports. The winter Olympics feature sports such as Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Figure skating, ski jumping, snowboarding, ice hockey to name a few. Among all these types of sports, Bobsledding is one of the most exciting winter sports. A bobsled is a racing sled that can coast at very high speeds. This game is played with a bobsled on which one or more persons can sit, with two separate sets of runners, one pair in forward-facing, and one in back. The runners have steel edges, to cut into the freezing track and keep the bobsled on its way, and at the same time to allow it to go as fast as possible. The front runners navigate the sled, and a brake is attached to the back. The brake consists of claws made from iron that dig into the ice and snow to slow down or stop the sled.

John Kasper: The Highly Acclaimed Bobsledder

John Kasper Bobsled is a well-known sports person who has won more than 16 World Cup and World Championship medals all through his period as a national sportsperson. John says that bobsledding sport is in fact more physical than it seems to be. It may appear like there is not a lot of muscularity going on when runners glide past each other. But, this could not be further from the fact as bobsledding is an exclusive sport that requires uncommon natural aptitude.

In the Olympic version of bobsledding sport competition there are four people on every team, with each nation capable to come into as many teams as they see appropriate. A track made of ice is required for this event, and the four team members start by running down the ice and then jumping into the bobsled. After getting into the sled one team member must direct the sled through a series of sharp turns, trying to be the quickest team down the path.

Being an Olympic bobsledder John Kasper Bobsled says that this job needs a precise balance of promptness, strength and weight. The participants must detonate off the beginning line while pushing approximately 500 pounds of bobsled at complete speed. Thus, the bobsledders need to be sturdy enough for a powerful launch so the sled will reach speeds more than ninety miles an hour. But heavy weight athletes cannot perform; therefore, only the athletes with leaner body are required. This helps them to ease the weight and wind resistance as they crouch down in the bobsled. In order to become successful in this particular sport one need to do a lot of leg work ; this includes sitting on your heels jump squats, , a lot of power cleans, box hurdles, swipes. In addition, certain exercises are performed to maintain the overall balance of the body.

Thus, one requires proper training and work outs in order to become a successful bobsledder.

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