Intel Earnings Expected To Reveal Much About The State Of The Computer Industry

The computer industry changes rapidly. Trends in this industry are influenced by multiple factors including those of leading industries providing both software and hardware. One of the most respected and influential of all such companies is Intel. Intel is an industry giant that has the power to influence many aspects of the computer field.

Those who observe this field closely have been following the industry giant’s latest financial release closely in order to help discern possible trends in the present computer industry.

Park Crest Securities Provides Analysis

Observers of the tech field such as those at Park Crest Securities are expecting Intel to report possible disappointing sales results due to many potential weaknesses in the market. Such short-term results may indicate a possible temporary problem with the market. However, those who watching the industry believe that such issues may not indicate much about the market in the much longer term. Intel has many possible markets where it can easily continue to generate expected profits over the coming year.

Intel Earnings Expected To Reveal Much About The State Of The Computer Industry

Data Center Business

One area where Intel has shown a great deal of strength is that of the data center business. Data centers are highly important to the running of many businesses. Hyperscale servers have become increasingly important for companies that use vast amounts of data each day. Companies such as Amazon and Google are expected to see even more growth in the coming years. Many companies rely on Intel to provide them with such services to help continue to expand.

Staving Off Possible Losses

It is this kind of growth that should help stave off the overall lack of growth in the entire pc industry. Many companies and individuals are still in the process of adapting to the latest version of Windows. This should help continue to fuel growth in the industry as upgrades become increasingly necessary to operate present day computers.

A New Processor

Industry insiders also expect company growth to be directly tied to the release of a much anticipated fourteen nanometer processor that promises to be faster than ever. The new processor is believed to be one of the fastest ever offered in the industry, promising even more efficiency in this industry. Such efforts will be coupled with the company’s continued expansion into data center provision. Doing so should help the company shore up the company’s overall fiscal picture and offer investors hope that it will meet all industry expectations.

Falling Below Industry Expectations

Despite such potential promise, there are some signs that future results from Intel may be possibly problammatic and may not meet the expectations of those observing it closely. First quarter results from Intel may perhaps fall below the $14.1 billion that people had expected with a roughly fifty cents per share result.

Some observers of Intel are expecting the company to lower the full sales guidance by a significant amount. Those who are also watching the company closely also expect that Intel officials will probably demonstrate overall five percent growth in the next few years.

post excerpt: Intel leads the computing industry with results in this fiscal quarter.  

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