How To Use The Internet To Market

Nearly everyone and every business uses some form of the internet. Chances are, the internet is how customers will discover new businesses. They will view marketing campaign through the internet. Customers who use social media can learn more about the businesses they frequent through the internet. There are so many ways to use the internet to a business’s advantage.

How To Use The Internet To Market


Search engine optimization is a major concern for most web developers nowadays. This is because SEO determines where your website will land in search engine results. Everyone wants to have first page results.

There are experts out there who can help your business’s ranking increase due to SEO. It’s important to remember that there is more to marketing a website than SEO. Quality SEO is better and likely to have longer lasting results. SEO is a continuous process.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is extremely popular currently. One of the best advantages to using social media marketing is that it is free. You are able to place your business in front of customers. This is a great way to get personal with your customers. Take the time to answer any questions that clients might have.

Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, offer paid varieties to generate more clients for the user. While you will generate sales from social media, one of the main purposes for social media marketing is to get personal and socialize with your customers. Share photographs and videos to the customers!

Video Marketing

Videos are huge on the internet right now. It is also one of the fastest growing ways to advertise for businesses. One of the best platforms for video marketing is YouTube.

When paired with social media, videos stand out to your customers. They are great way to give information to your customers without them having to read lengthy texts. Videos are generally going to be short. Two minutes is the maximum length of video marketing, but they are typically shorter.

One of the best reasons to use video marketing is to give customers an overview of the products offered. This is a great way to explain to customers what is great about your product and why they should purchase. You can showcase the unique features and how to work the product.

Here are some other reasons to use video marketing:

  • Facebook encourages video marketing
  • SEO benefits – they will impact search results
  • Potential to go viral and generates thousands of prospective customers
  • Educating and entertaining at the same time

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertisement that directs people to your website. Typically, businesses pay blogs and other websites to allow them to place a small ad on the side of their website. The websites used should be similar in nature or in the same niche area.

This is a great way to get your website and product seen by more people. As the name states, you only pay for those people who click on the advertisement. This makes it a bit more budget friendly.

PPC marketing can get businesses results within a day or two. They are easy to launch as well. They allow the use of a few keywords, so it’s a great way to test to see what keywords entice customers.

Having a Website

Without the internet, there is no website. A website is quite important to spread your business beyond the area you live. For companies that sell products, a website allows you to reach far and wide. There are no boundaries with the internet. This allows your business to become global. Websites let you reach a larger audience.

It is also the place where your customers can find your products and answers to their questions. Most websites will have a FAQ page as well as a page that lets a customer know how and when to contact customer service.

Email Marketing

Businesses are able to grow through the use of email marketing. There are a variety of ways to use emails to reach out to existing customers as well as finding prospective clients.

  • Generate a permission based email listing. Customers have to select to receive emails. When they sign up, they generally need to type in their basic information, which will help companies send more personalized emails.
  • Customers love promotional emails, but it is important to not overload their email inbox with promotional sales. Send a coupon or discount code on a week to tempt existing customers to make a new purchase.
  • Email marketing is cheap and quick. To send out paper coupons and printed newsletter, it would take a great deal of paper and ink as well as time. Emails can be made and sent in a matter of less than an hour.
  • Using email marketing allows companies to personalize marketing to their customers. They can use their customers’ names in the email. One of the best ways to get personal is for the owner to discuss the history or future plans and goals in the emails. Customers love to get behind the scene details about businesses they trust.
  • One of the best reasons to use email marketing is that it is easy to analyze. Software allows business owners to know the exact number of people who open the emails. The links back to the products are traceable; owners can determine just how many sales they generated with their email campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you have some existing customers, offering an affiliate marketing program is a great way to have customers sell for you. Once they love your products, they will want to tell their friends and family where to find them.

Many companies offer affiliate marketing programs for their website. Customers can either make money directly or earn rewards to purchase items on the website for their time. They have their own link they can use to send to people to purchase items.

Here is the basic idea behind affiliate marketing:

  • Customer finds a great product they love. They recommend the product to their friends and family.
  • Some friends follow the link they were given and purchase an item because of the recommendation.
  • Customer receives commission of some variety for sending a new client. Business has a new client.

The idea and process of affiliate marketing is very simple. There are two great benefits to affiliate marketing.

  1. Besides the commission paid to the affiliate, it is free for the business.
  2. New clients are found and they are like to trust your brand immediately due to a strong recommendation.
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