How To Use Appliances More Efficiently At Home?

A significant part of the energy that we use in our homes originates from power plants that which burn fossil fuel to power our electric items. By saving the energy that we use in our homes, we can also save money. Using energy-efficient appliances at home can help to save up to $400 or more per year on utility bills. Not only this, by utilizing the appliances in a more efficient manner, we can also expand the working life of the appliances.

So, how to become more energy-efficient when using appliances at home? Well, home appliances have pretty much the same resemblance on the outside; however, they differ greatly when it comes to energy-efficiency and operating expenses. The more energy-efficient your appliance is, the less it will cost to operate. Further, it will help to bring down your utility bill and help protect the environment. Here are some important tips to save both energy and money, while using appliances at home, have a look:

How To Use Appliances More Efficiently At Home

Refrigerator: A refrigerator is one of the biggest power consumers in most of the houses. Some of the straightforward approaches to enhance its efficiency include:

  • Make sure to adjust the temperature settings for various seasons.
  • During winters, the temperature settings generally need to be reduced. Further, the freezer space often goes unused in the winter season. However, your refrigerator keeps on utilizing the energy to freeze this space. Make sure to fill the empty space to reduce the area to be kept cold.
  • Manual defrost refrigerators are by and large more energy efficient than programmed defrost models, if they are maintained properly.  Make sure to defrost your refrigerator if ice buildup is thicker than ¼ inch.
  • Make certain to vacuum the coils in the back of your refrigerator twice a year to maximize its efficiency.

Washer/Dryer: The best way to save water and energy with washers is to use them less. Some of the ways to improve its efficiency are:

  • A standard washing machine use around 40 gallons of water per load. Therefore, make sure that your clothes are dirty enough to really need washing.
  • Choose the water level and temperature setting on your washer as per the size of your load. Avoid filling the whole tub for a few clothes.
  • Avoid using too much of detergent to wash your clothes. Overusing can make your machine work harder and use more energy.
  • Overloading the dryer can increase the drying time. If you have multiple loads, try drying them back to back.

Dishwasher: In order to make your dishwasher more energy-efficient, follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Operate your dishwasher only when it is full to capacity
  • Clean the drains and filters of your dishwasher frequently to ensure its efficient operation
  • Larger dishwashers use more water and electricity; make sure to buy the size that fits best your requirements

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