How To Undertake Diving Training At Koh Tao


Are you aiming to spend adventurous and thrill-filled vacations? Are you keen to explore the underwater marine life and have a chit chat with the sea creatures?  If yes, Koh Tao is the right place to visit. Often termed as Paradise on Earth, this beautiful island is famous for its stunning beauty. You can feel the freshness in the clean air and would love to splash in the azure sea water. The beach promenade with tall palm trees accentuates the aesthetics of the island.

How To Undertake Diving Training At Koh Tao

Koh Tao is famous for its diving school and clubs. You can experience the exhilaration of respiring under the deep sea water. Koh Tau is often crowded all over the year. You will find flocks of sports fanatics and young enthusiasts who want to experience the real adventure. You will find many diving sites and schools that teach you the basic diving skills and train you till you gain expertise at the sport.

Let’s have a quick view at the various schools that provide divemaster internships in Koh Tao:

Professional Association of Diving Instructors: PADI is a renowned diving school in Koh Tao. This diving centre is famous for its professional service and skills it imparts. Those who want to become professional divers must enrol themselves for a diving course with PADI.  PADI has a team of trained experts who guide you in the best way.

Scuba Schools International: You can also acquire a diving certification from SSI. The courses offered by SSI are within the easy reach of all the individuals.

Crystal Dive: It is based on the right end of the island. This diving training institute provides perfect divemaster internships in Koh Tao. The well-trained staff members guide you and train you in the basics of the sport. The visitors can select the batch according to their time, need and learning capability.

All the diving schools have modern infrastructure. You will find air conditioned classrooms, clean swimming pools, and sizeable diving boats. All the charges for the diving equipment will be included in the fee, you need not hire them.

Specifications of divemaster internships in Koh Tao:

Here’s a brief of what your course would offer you:

First Day: This includes the introductory part. You will be acquainted with the diving equipment and the basic skill set. You will perform some water skills in the swimming pools.

Second Day: The participants are trained to dive in the sea water under the guidance of the experts. One can dive to a maximum depth of 12 meter.

Third Day: Once you have gained the basic skills, the trainers conduct different kinds of tests to assess the capability of the diver. The contestants are tested for their courage and audacity.

After you have successfully completed the training sessions, you will be awarded the certification and the license to dive anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking for fun or thinking of pursuing a diving career, the diving schools in Koh Tao will definitely help you meet your aims and expectations.

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