How To Overcome The Moving Blues

Making a move isn’t always well received by those who must do it. In some cases a move is made due to health reasons, in response to financial challenges, or to follow a new job. Even the best managed plans can lead to much sadness, giving one or more people a bad case of the moving blues. Here’s how to make your move and put such sadness behind you.

Don’t do it alone. If you live alone, moving by yourself is nothing short of hard. You must bear the brunt of the move yourself and face each challenge alone. Even so, there may be people who can and are willing to help you. A friend. A family member. A co-worker. Just having someone else to support you may be enough to carry you through with this move. Whether you’re alone or partnered, lean on those who care for you to provide moral support.

Get some help. If moving has you feeling especially sad and having a difficult time of getting started each day, you may be depressed. Depression can be the result of any number of things, including making a decision that may not be entirely agreeable with you. Speak with a counselor, your pastor or a therapist. Professional help can set you on the right course and enable you to move forward.

How To Overcome The Moving Blues

Be kind to yourself and to others. Because moving is so very much involved, you will find that you have little time for anything else. At the same time, you need some time to tend to your needs as well as to the needs of others in your family. Careful planning will help you manage your time. And when spare time does come up, then take full advantage of it. That spare time may mean taking your children to the park. It can also mean a date night with your spouse. Little pick me ups along the way can go far in helping you to manage your move and overcome the blues.

Make happy memories. Leaving a place you love also means leaving a part of you behind. Likely, you have many happy memories to look back on. You can create additional memories by bringing a camera with you to familiar sites around town, taking photos and with your family in it. These pictures are something you will always treasure and while they may create a tinge of sadness in the future, you’ll also have fewer regrets for not taking them.

Look ahead to what is coming. Just as you will leave one home for another one, the changes that are coming will be entirely beneficial to you. You’ll have a new place to explore, new friends to meet, and an experience like none other. Change can be unnerving, but it can also be invigorating. When you arrive at a new location, everything is new. Plan right now how you will discover what is out there and how you and your family can benefit from the change. You’ll be amazed and surprised by what you will discover.

Make plans with old friends. Just because you’re moving away doesn’t mean your dearest friends will no longer be in your life. If you are intent on maintaining friendships, then use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep you in the loop. You might also plan a special time to meet up — either at each other’s homes or at a vacation destination. These days, there is no reason to allow time and distance to come between friends as technology and fast transportation can easily connect you.

Making Your Move

Soon, you’ll be finishing packing and the moving van will arrive to take your goods to a new destination explains Allied Moving. Keep in mind that life is full of transitions and you’ll manage just fine. A little blueness is not a problem and is entirely a normal part of the moving experience. Seek help if it becomes debilitating in yourself or in a family member.

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