How To Know The Braking System Is Working Optimally In Your Car

Every moving thing needs a mechanism to stop or prevent it from colliding with other moving or stationary things. In this sense, our vehicles need more accurate mechanism to stop suddenly, because of the speed at which our cars move and the number of cars moving simultaneously. Fortunately, with the invention of cars, man was wise enough to invent braking system as well. Today, the braking system in our cars is accurate enough to stop a car moving at speed of 150 kms/hr in just 2 or 5 seconds.

How To Know The Braking System Is Working Optimally In Your Car

Every car manufacturer gives top priority to braking system and tests it several times before introducing it in market. In other words, no car comes without proper braking system from the car manufacturing plant, but, over time, braking system gets worn out and loses its accuracy to stop a moving car. So, the only solution available is constantly monitoring our car brakes.

Mechanism of braking system?

Today, our cars have a braking system based on laws of science. Modern cars have brakes on all four wheels operated by hydraulic system. The brakes can be both drum or disc type, however, disc braking is more effective and have fast reaction time.  The front wheels of car should have more accurate brakes, because when any speeding object is halted in speed it pushes forward. That is why front wheels of a car have disc brakes. The hydraulic has fluid filled one main cylinder and sub cylinders on each wheel. When the brake pedal is pressed the fluid travels from main cylinder to sub cylinders with great force, the subsystems immediately get filled with fluid pushing pistons out to apply brake. The braking system is very delicate and regular monitoring is very important to save yourselves from accidents etc.

Simple ways to know, your car brakes aren’t working properly

We often ignore the most obvious signs that our braking system is not accurate,until it stops working completely and this negligence can become a perfect recipe for accidents. Here are some common signs that can tell your braking system needs service.

  • A soft and spongy feel while pressing brake pedals is the sign that brake hydraulics aren’t working properly.
  • If brake pedal is very hard and you need to exert force for pushing it, there is some sure problem in power assistance of braking system.
  • If there is any grinding sound, when you press the  brake pedals, it is the sign that brake shoes are worn out and metal components are touching each other.
  • While applying brakes, whole car may shake or the steering wheel, this can be a sure sign that brakes are dysfunctional in your car.
  • The time you apply the brake, you may feel a pull towards left or right, this can be an indication that car’s calipers and wheel cylinders are seized.
  • If the brake pedal, while pressing, goes all the way down  to the floor, then it is sign of total brake failure.

After knowing the importance of braking mechanism in our vehicles, how delicately it works, and signs to recognize the failure in breaking mechanism, you should now be able to maintain your car braking system. After witnessing any slight  problem, you should get your brakes serviced by an expert mechanic. Applying these practical tips will keep your brakes intact all the time and your car will give you optimal performance.

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