How To Get Your Apartment A Long Waiting List Of Renters Even In A Competitive Property Market

It is safe to assume that everyone who has opened this article by seeing the heading knows how competitive renter market can get and has been waiting for some magic formula to make their house wanted by renters. Now, truth of the hour is whether your apartment is in a city like Bangalore or like Jamshedpur, getting renters is a difficult job. Without further ado, let us see how to make your make your apartment a magnet and since we started be mentioning ‘competitive property market’ let us go ahead with keeping Bangalore as our base city; after all if there is one competitive property market in India, it has to be Bengaluru.

How To Get Your Apartment A Long Waiting List Of Renters Even In A Competitive Property Market

So here it goes –

Before you roll up your sleeves and get ready, be prepared to do some serious work and put in some strong efforts into finding prospects for your house in a competitive market like Bangalore. Here is how you should go about it:

  • Revamp your apartment

Give your apartment a new avatar. Change your house from roof to floor, make a video of you doing it, take pictures, lots of them. Read what the latest trends are in home décor and shortlist the ones that would meet Bangalore’s amazing weather and sky color. If you find the items mentioned in the magazine or website impossible to find, use your creativity – unleash the little decorator inside of you and decorate the hell out of your apartment. Make it an apartment that people would love to stay in and then use to envy their associates.

Takeaway: Find local DIYs but do not stop glamming up your house

  • Then create a hype around your apartment

Bombard your website (after making a website), social media pages, and listing websites (will be discussed later in the article) with photos and experiences that you have had in the house. In case you never lived in it, say how you would have loved to and why. For this you will need loads of images and reviews. While images part can easily be covered, taking reviews can get a little effort(ly). Ask people in the neighborhood to say something good about your house (maybe the amount of sunshine, maybe the curb appeal). Take reviews, put in on Vine, put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook.

Is your house in some posh locality? Electronic City? Marathahalli? OMR? If yes, then go an extra mile, interview the hotshots of Bangalore property market, and ask them to review your locality (with rental data in focus). If you can’t seem to get hold of an expert, get down on the basic information clip, post. Write how far is the auto stand, hospital, ATM, that famous food joint.

Takeaway: Promote. Promote. Promote

  • Finally make property listings your best mate

Think like your renter. What all would you do if you were looking for a house. The first step that you would take is use the words – find apartment in Bangalore, the search query will then take you to some property listing page which will have two options – Buy an apartment in Bangalore or Rent an apartment in Bangalore and further exploration will then give you a list.

Now like you, there are so many people who are desperately waiting to find tenants, what makes you different is the fact that you will get verified (by making a small investment) which will set you apart. So take out a paper and pen, draft down the perfect description of your house, and always remember to link it back to your website of house’s page on social media.

Takeaway: To save costs, focus on some top leading websites.

The last thing, after applying everything else, is to sit back and wait but not stop promoting. The game lies in how well you promote your apartment and how much it is visible to the renters’ crowd all over the nation, even the world.

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