How To Get Rid Of Your Mobile Signal Reception Problems

Maybe you have ever experienced on a mobile phone signal interference that causes you can’t send receive SMS, can’t call, can’t surf, etc. A mobile phone signal interference is very annoying problem. This problem is caused by various factors, such as obstacles usually occurring in rural areas. Now, before going into how to strengthen the mobile phone signal, we must first know a few things related to mobile phone signal interference.

How To Get Rid Of Your Mobile Signal Reception Problems

Related Factors:

1. The Condition of the Room

Closed room condition can cause trouble in receiving mobile phone signal. So it is advisable to leave the room while if you want to communicate. Sometimes, this step can solve the problem.

2. Weather

Natural weather affects signal conduction, because the mobile phone signal is transmitted by positive ions scattering in the air. Rain and wind can result in an irregular arrangement of ions, causing disruption to the mobile phone signal reception.

3. Antenna Headset

Mobile phone that is often dropped, banged, or even immersed in water can result in damage to the phone headset and if these situations often happen, it is sure you will be getting your mobile phone damaged or out of order.

4. Blank Spot

Do you know what the meaning of Blank Spot? Blank Spot is a condition in which an area can’t be covered by the cell signals. This condition usually happens in corners or inland areas.

Ok, now we have known some related problems to bad signal reception on mobile phone. To overcome these problems you can try several ways below:

How to Solve Interference Signals on Mobile:

1. Using Aluminum

Adding a little slab of aluminum can amplify the signals received, because aluminum is a metal that can receive the signals properly. You can get this metal from a variety of food wrapped with aluminum foil. Well, you can place the aluminum slab on the back of your mobile phone, without having to disrupt elements inside it.

2. Using Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier

This step is much recommended as a mobile phone signal amplifier can receive signal by its external antenna, amplify the signal, and transmit to some specific areas that originally, can’t receive a strong signal. You can choose a lot of mobile phone amplifiers by searching them on Internet. I recommend you to buy from MyAmplifiers. This tool can solve most problems relating what called disruption in signal reception.

3. Copper Wire Circle

You can solve your problem by making a simple circle made of copper wire, and then place your mobile phone in the middle of the circle. This simple way is proven to be able to amplify the signal, because in addition to aluminum, copper is a metal that functions as good signal receptor.

Actually, these methods above are not only used for mobile phones, but can be tried also in modem. I hope you can use my tips to get rid of your mobile signal reception problems.

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