How To Clean Your Own Drainage Cleaning Systems?

Most people living in a house, be it a modern design or a traditional house, has faced the challenge of drain cleaning. No matter what kind of plumbing they use or what kind of pipes they have installed in their washrooms or kitchen, at one point or another, they all have to figure out, how to clean or clear blockages from drains. Just think about those hours you have to spend using homemade tools to get your drainage system working again. Or even worst, when you have to send a huge amount of money get everything replaced, because it wouldn’t drain bath or cleaning water.

Drain cleaning Wantirna

Drain cleaning Wantirna

In situations like these, people find themselves completely helpless position, as there is very little they can do to out with the cleaning. Considering these challenges faced by almost everyone, and that so, frequently. We tried to come up with a few common tools and there correct usages that can help you in clearing out your drainage system.

Toilet or drain clearing tools are available in a wide range, from machine powered to manual work. They can be as big as a golf cart or small as a kitchen spatula. Below is a list, with a small description of some of the most common and readily used tools, they will give you some idea of about drain cleaning.

  • The first on our list is tool called ‘Toilet Auger’; it can be used manually or with a drill. This tool gives an all round option for clearing blockages from urinals and shower drains. One of its best features is the dual power operation, which can provide additional power necessary for removing the toughest of obstructions. It also comes with an additional cable length of wire to clear away the obstructions much down the line. Some of the variants also come with a cutter head in the shape of a “C” that can break up hard blockages.
  • The next on our list is a spinning tool or a spinner. There are two main variants or this tool, first is a hand spinner that can operated manually, with your hand alone, second is a power spin or power spinner, that can be attached to a power drill. In fact, a lot of professionals prefer to use this tool, over other products. The spinners are premium and quality tools, with a 3-jaw head firmly attached to cables. It also has a cast aluminum ribbed hand grip, so it will not slip easily from your hand. The rotary drum is normally plastic molded to prevent it from rusting and to provide additional strength.

These two cleaning tools are considered ideal for cleaning sinks, tubs, drinking fountains and other similar drains. Both these tools also come with a kink resistance extra long cable to reach the farthest points or blockages. You can also get these tools in different kind models and adjustable attachments, which make them ideal for your cleaning needs.

  • Another kind of cleaning equipment is the completely automatic drainage cleaners. They are normally built for professional contactors, however given they are very effective; you can use them just as well. If you have one of these, you can simple plug it into the power socket and then extend the rotating cable into the drain. Most professionals consider them ideal for sink cleaning, as they have a much deeper reach, and given the cable power operated, you don’t have to worry about using your hands in any capacity. This tool can be attached with different power motors, depending upon your cleaning needs.

These are some of the simple tools that can help you with your drain cleaning. However, if you still have issues, you can always call the professional cleaners.

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