How To Clean Your Home Faster and Easier

No one wants to live in a dirty and disorganized environment but where a clean home is concerned the devil is always in the details. Cleaning your home is often a tedious task; one many of us would rather postpone until it just has to be done.

How To Clean Your Home Faster and Easier

This is especially true you live in a bigger home. However, there are people who spend probably less than an hour in getting a standard-sized apartment clean and liveable. Ever wondered how they manage to accomplish this?

Here is a look at our top home cleaning strategy that will ensure you are able to keep your living spaces clean and liveable without wasting too much of your day.

The Strategy

One of the reasons why we are having a hard time getting the entire house clean is that we focus on zone cleaning. We choose one area, commonly the living room or kitchen and spend virtually hours trying to polish them up. By the time we are done, we are too exhausted to proceed any further and so we postpone the other rooms to the following day and the cycle repeats itself. It means there will be no particular time when your whole home is entirely clean.

Instead of doing Zone Cleaning, Focus on Task Cleaning.

This is more of a modular approach to cleaning your home that will ensure you cover the entire house as quickly and efficiently as possible. Task cleaning involves doing one task at a time throughout the house instead of trying to do everything within a single room. For example, you start by vacuuming the whole house before you proceed to wiping and mopping.

Here are some useful steps to clean your house faster:-

Getting Rid of the Dust and Debris

Start by vacuuming every room including beneath and on top of all the furniture, shelves, corners and crevices. Dust, allergens, and small debris generally pollute the air in the house and have an adverse impact on the air quality.

Furniture Fabrics

Vacuum the sofas, ottomans, clothes, tables and various other surfaces that may contain dirt. Arrange cushions, arrange pillows and make the bed ensuring that it is as neat as possible. Never underestimate the psychological impact of a neat bedroom and living room. It could even motivate you to clean more often once you have made it a habit.

Mirrors and Glasses

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe all the mirrors and glass in the home. These generally pick up dust almost on a daily basis.

Cleaning the Surfaces

Use a microfiber cloth in order to wipe down all the surfaces in the house so as to prevent the build up of dust and allergens.  Take time to wipe over all the areas that your hands typically touch including the TV, TV stand, lamp stands, side tables, coffee tables and flower vases among others.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are the more difficult to clean parts of the house but they require very close attention. Clean the kitchen and use a clean cloth to wipe the cooker, inside of microwave, toasters, toaster ovens and other appliances. Spray a cleaner in the bathroom and toilet and scrub thoroughly to ensure it is as clean as possible.


We can’t emphasize this enough. Take time to vacuum every inch of the house to ensure you get rid of much dirt and dust as possible. If your vacuum cleaner comes with accessories and the right attachments for specific cleaning task, and can clean hard to reach places, the better.

You can also get a robot vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors with auto damp mapping spa and just set the robot at your convenient time to run and clean your house. So this will make cleaning much easier and it definitely saves time.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you save time while ensuring you are keeping every inch of your home spotlessly clean.

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