How To Celebrate Oktoberfest If You Are A Student

Oktoberfest is a quintessential festival that attracts people from all over the world looking to party and drinking large litres of beer. It is a fun event with hundreds of students and other people descending on Munich. As the festival is hugely popular, accommodation, transportation, beer, pretzels and traditional Bavarian outfits costs go up significantly, and it can be expensive to attend.

If you are a student and living on a limited budget, attending the festival can be difficult, but there are plenty of ways you can cut costs and enjoy the fun on a budget. Backpack and arrive at the festival and ensure that you do not blow all the money on a single event. Although the beers may seem a bit pricey, the huge litres in which they are served make them worth every cent. This is why you came to this fantastic festival. Drink, have fun, make new friends and shout O’zapft is! To the crowd having the best time of their life.

Instead of been cheap with beer consumption, you can enjoy the feast on a budget by implementing some changes to how you get there, accommodation and what you wear.

How much does Oktoberfest cost?

Attending the fest is free, but there are many expenses that you need to keep in mind if you want to enjoy and have fun truly. If you are planning to stay in Munich for 3 nights, it is best to choose all-inclusive camping with breakfast and dinner included. You can look for economic lunch options in the city. Use public transport and walk to various venues with your friends. This is an excellent way to meet new people and explore the city.

How To Celebrate Oktoberfest If You Are A Student

Drinking on a Budget

The beer halls at the fest are free to enter. There are no entrance fees. Go inside a beer hall, find a seat and order beer. Each beer cost €11 as they are huge and usually contain more than 2 points. You get to drink the best Bavarian brewed beer in one of the most beautiful and fun filled cities with friends who are having a blast.

Beer Prices

The beer prices vary from one hall to the other. The Vinzenz Murr Metzgerstubn sells beer at €10, and although it is not a favorite with everyone, it is the only place that you can find beer selling at this price. Augustine-Festzelt is one of the major beer halls, and they sell the least expensive beer at €10.10. Do not plan where you want to drink, just go wherever you can, grab a seat and start having fun.

Eating on a Budget

Enjoy traditional German food on a budget. The pretzels are priced higher at the beer halls, but if you buy them outside the hall, you can save a lot of money. Go through the fast fairgrounds and you can find many food options available. Split a meal with a friend so that you can have extra cash to buy that beer. Book your budget airline tickets quickly so that you get to Oktoberfest and have fun on a budget.

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