How The Social Disease Of Internet Addiction Can Be Ruled Out Rationally?

Internet addiction is nowadays a worldwide problem and it is spreading all across in an alarming rate. With the growth of technology and easy accessibility of internet effortlessly, the addiction gets viral in their own right. And most alarmingly, a major section of the addicts is the teenagers and youngsters which have actually worried the socialists to a great extent, because they fear that the entire world might crumble down in some time soon.

The usage of Internet is using a strong visual stimulus to the brain. While there’s been CT scan done of the brains of internet addicts, there’s been signs of dopamine release as it is generally found in the cases of drug addicts. Generally when the drug addicts keep taking their drugs, there’s a pleasure sensation in the central portion of the brain which gets excited and hence releases the dopamine. Same is the condition found in these internet addicts as well, and this complex situation undoubtedly involves multiple neuro transmitters and several other cells beside the pleasure center to get excited.

How The Social Disease Of Internet Addiction Can Be Ruled Out Rationally

What is the permeable limit of being available on the Internet to avoid any kind of addiction? Answering this question was never too easy for the experts like Curtis Cripe who has been carrying out thorough research on this for years together. One of the greatest difficulties that he has come across through is the individual susceptibility. While being on the internet for a couple of hours might turn out to be addictive, for the rest, spending hours together might not have any effect on it.

After a detailed study and thorough examination, the current estimates state that being online for more than 20 hours a week is considered to be addiction and this excludes the number of hours that one spend on the Internet for work. For those who get addicted to it, some of the most common signals are detox, withdrawal and continuous cravings. To them, Internet is the only means to be connected both socially as well as intellectually. And whenever they’re prohibited from having any kind of access of the Internet, they find themselves isolated with the rest of the world and anxiety starts creeping in them.

What worries the experts is the adverse effect of it, which can possibly turn out to be disastrous. The two greatest diseases found in the children and teenagers, ADHD and depression are directly associated with the overuse of the Internet. The problems not only damage the individuals, but also their relationships with their families as well. The treatment for this horrible addiction is behavioral and cognitive approaches. The medical world has been completely shaken off their roots finding the chemical and electrical changes that the brain has due to these addictions. There’s no point pressurizing the patients to go under any kind of medication, rather the approach must be a logical and rational one.

Doctors like Curtis Cripe and many others have consented to one particular fact, no other approach is as good as counseling under such circumstances. Since most of the individuals are exposes to it at a very early age, they should be treated sensibly, or else they might be considered as a lost case. While you look for such solutions for any of your near and dear ones, make sure you visit experts like Cripe, because their future is solely in your hands.

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