How Quickly Will A Personal Injury Claim Be Processed?

When it comes to determining the length of time it takes to process a personal injury claim, it is important to consider that all claims are different and, as a result, your claim may take less or more time to process than what you are quoted by your lawyer.

How Quickly Will A Personal Injury Claim Be Processed

Having said that, there are some general timeframes to consider. Information about these can be found below, to help you determine how long your claim will take to process:

Straightforward Claims

For claims that have a value between £850.00 and £2,500.00, the timeframe for completion can be as little as 6-8 weeks. However, in order for this fast turnaround to happen, the claim itself has to be ‘clear-cut’, meaning the evidence available has to be overwhelmingly positive and in your claim’s favour, with no chance for the other side to dispute it.

Under the circumstances, it would simply be more cost-effective for the defendant to pay compensation quickly and to get your claim cleared. A reputable law firm can also put in a fast claim for personal injury if you need your compensation quickly for medical reasons.

Claims that are Settled Early

Sometimes, the other side may be faced with a high-value claim which they do not envision themselves successfully contesting. Under the circumstances, the other side may put forward a new, lower-value settlement demand that can be paid within 1-2 weeks, with the hope that it will be accepted to save them money. If this is accepted by the claimant, then a claim from start to finish can take just a few weeks.

Complex Claims

Personal injury claims that are complex can and do take considerably longer to process, although most claims where significant investigation is needed will take no more than 8 months. An 8-month timeframe is realistic for claims where liability and negligence is not easy to establish or where the claim is of a higher value, such as over £10,000.00.

Under the circumstances, the other side would conduct their own investigations and these can take several months to complete. Because of this, sometimes it is the case that the claimant is at the mercy of the efficiency of the other side with regards to claim timeframes.

Claims that go to Court

It is very rare for personal injury claims to see the inside of a courtroom. However, claims with a value exceeding £30,000.00 will definitely be considered by the other side. The length of time it takes to process a claim with court proceedings depends on the set court date and how quickly the process unfolds. Generally speaking, however, personal injury claims that go to court will take 8-12 months to reach a conclusion, all things considered.

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