Here’s Why Wooden Shutters Might be Better than Composite Wood Shutters

They say that windows are the ‘eyes of the home’ – through them, you see the world passing by. Similarly, outsiders get their first impression of your home through your windows.  The shutter style, the wood/metal used is an important aspect in defining the home’s style.

While shutters are today an affordable stylistic element that also controls light, ventilation and privacy, people find it hard to choose between wood and composite. Solid wood and composite material seem similar to the first time buyer, but have unique differences. Knowing these can help you make a decision quickly.

Of course, once you’ve made up your mind, you can add draperies and other soft window treatments to add a luxurious touch.  But first, you need to pick the right shutters, as they are a durable, timeless decor.

Solid Wood Shutters

These are the lightest option you have in the Shutters department – they’re almost 50 per cent the weight of their composite cousins. And, you can get them in different aesthetic finishes and hues. They also last the longest, if they are painted or stained with a high quality application. A great quality shutter can sometimes last as long the entire house itself! And, if you’re someone who prides themselves on knowing decor elements and prefers a slightly earthy, natural look, you’ll find that solid wood shutters have a ‘solid’ feel, that composite cannot replicate. It has the natural ridges of wood, and a smooth operation upon opening and closing them. Solid wood shutters also give you the widest range of sizes to choose from, and can be customized to have wider or taller panels that don’t need any extra support.

However, solid wood isn’t necessarily a perfect choice in every situation. Avoid them in situations where the shutters will constantly have exposure to direct water.   Wood can easily absorb, and then contract in response to absorbing water, but the paint finish won’t. This can cause paint to chip and peel off. If you’re rushed for time, composite is a faster choice as it doesn’t have the hand finishing and other construction steps needed for solid wood shutters.

For an even more premium finish, opt for stained shutters which represent shades of different types of woods. Considering the current annual sale going on at brands like, buying window coverings like wooden shutters and steel awnings from thee makes for great investment in home decor.

Composite shutters
Composite, as mentioned earlier, gives you a faster product, often being installed in 3 weeks after you place your order. They’re also great for shower and bath surrounds, and windows that doesn’t protect against water, as they’re waterproof. However, you need to consider that they’re heavier than solid wood, and often include wood and aluminum to provide support. You’ll still need to spend on divider rails and center frame posts, and yet won’t have the freedom of panel width and configurations. And, they’re only available in solid colors – stained options are not possible.

Once you’ve finalized your shutters, it’s a great idea to also check out their range of diy blinds on the Shutters Australia website.

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