Haunting Sites In Pune That You Must Avoid At Night

To see the dead walking is one abnormal site and can literally make you wet your pants. Pune, one of the buzzing cities of Maharashtra is not just a sprawling educational hub but also has a couple of spots touted to be spooky having spirits that meander uninhibitedly giving everyone chills. This rundown identifies the spooky spots in Pune which you can visit and take another adrenaline surge. But if you are a timid-heart, then remember these sites on your tips!

Haunting Sites In Pune That You Must Avoid At Night

So while making a late hour landing in one of the Bangalore to Pune flights, ensure that your cab driver doesn’t guide you to any of these destinations, for these see a spook parade each midnight. Don’t complain later!

Shaniwar Wada Fort

In light of current circumstances, the Shaniwar Wada Fort looks prominent inferable from its compositional quality. In any case, behind the doors of this incredible fort lies a mystery and it has seen some strange paranormal activities. The fortress is said to be invaded with the spirit of Narayan Rao Peshwa, the young ruler who was executed at the energetic age of 13! Individuals have heard wails for help on full moon nights. Entry through the fortification is restricted after 6.30 pm, on the other hand, if in spite of all that you have to hear it to trust it, enter here late at your own specific risk!

Holkar Bridge

A champion amongst the most spooky spots in the city, various nearby individuals urge against driving down this road around night time. A lot of paranormal activity and apparition sightings have been reported around the area. The site is also known for some unexplained and astounding passings.

Victory Theater

Thimayya road in Pune has experienced unexplained tumults on various events from this age old theater. Locals say that the building is acknowledged to have reported yells and giggling disturbing the eerie quiet at the post midnight hours. The terror factor of this spot makes it a champion amongst the most spooky spots in Pune.

Decision Hostel, Karve Road

Amongst the most famous student hostels in Pune, Choice Hostel is home to a huge amount of paranormal activities. Various people have reported seeing a young woman winding the lobbies, listening to wailing bustles in the midst of the night. Saturdays, after nightfall are said to be the eeriest.

The Mansion, Residency Road

An old abandoned house stands grimly near the Residency Club which is said to be haunted by the spirit of a deceptive old lady. The spot has a repulsive quiet to it beside around night time when crazy laughing and yells have been heard. This is absolutely a champion amongst the most scariest spots in Pune! Visit only if you can bear it all.

So simply remember these locales and keep away from these spots, without a doubt! Have a safe landing!

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