Guide On How To Include An Audio Track In A Video With Movavi Video Editor

The video will be dull if it is just a movie made from the compilation of a few photos or a silent action movie where no noise can be heard. If you want people to watch your video, you must add a soundtrack that matches with the video content to grab their attention. For example, if you are creating a video showing your existing customers giving testimonials about your product, you can add a music style that will stir up a warm and fuzzy feeling in your customer.


Movavi Video Editor allows you to add music to video and you can also use the software to edit the audio track. You can import multiple audio tracks and mix them together to become a song track that plays in the background. The audio track is a media file so you must click the Add Media Files button to import it. The imported audio track will appear on the row designated for audio track files in the timeline. The imported audio tracks will be labeled with their file names respectively.

You can add unlimited audio tracks into the video as it does not have any limit on how many audio tracks you can add. If you want to reduce the length of the audio track, you can move the red marker to the point that you want to cut off the audio track and click on the scissor tool to separate it. Finally, you can highlight the unwanted audio track and press the Delete key to permanently delete it from the timeline.

Another way to trim the audio is to go to the audio tab and choose the audio file you want to trim. You will see two brackets including left and right brackets. You must place the left bracket at the start point and the right bracket at the end point of where you want to trim in the audio track. Songs that have been trimmed will show a bracket icon in the timeline. If you change your mind about trimming the songtrack, you can click the play button on the media player. You can click on the x button to delete the soundtrack from the timeline.

You can repeat the same soundtrack file throughout the video by choosing the loop audio option. The loop audio option is ideal if the soundtrack is shorter than the video length. If you don’t select the loop audio option, the soundtrack will stop playing in the middle of the video and there won’t be anymore sound until the video finish playing.

If the original soundtrack is not loud enough, you can amplify the volume by clicking on the tiny speaker icon. When you click the tiny speaker icon, the volume slider will appear and you can drag it upwards to increase the volume level. You will have to make the adjustment on each audio file manually one by one if there are more than one audio tracks in the timeline and you want to amplify the volume of all the audio tracks.

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