Go Green with Energy Efficient Ductless Mini-split Cooling System

Going green has become easy today because people are very much aware of reducing energy consumption and make decisions to preserve it. There are many products available today, which offer significant savings on utility bills, thus allowing you to enjoy green lifestyle.

Ductless mini-split AC is ideal for –

Currently, you are dealing with home renovation project. For an idyllic cooling solution without existing ductwork, you can select ductless mini-split AC system. These are perfect for small apartments or house.

Ductless are best option for extensions, where extending extra ductwork is impossible or in old homes with outdated central HVAC system unable to retrofit. They are best for rooms with insufficient air supply like basement or over garage room.

Just like the name suggests, there are no ducts needed. Just like traditional central HVAC system there are two main units in ductless mini-split system – condenser (Outside) and air handler (Inside).

Why select ductless Mini-split AC installation?

Daikin mini splits are becoming popular option because of an array of beneficial features. These units supply –

  • Ongoing energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Savings on utility
  • Conditioning to small spaces
  • Flexible cooling or heating options
  • Easy to install process, in places where ducted system cannot go
  • Wide variety to select and enhance any kind of interior decor

Cools up to 4-zones

Ductless mini-split systems allow zoning. It means individual spaces or rooms can be heated and cooled. Each ‘zone’ can be controlled individually with its personal thermostat. You can adjust the temperature, in accordance to your specific needs, any time. Some ductless mini splits are designed to cool 4 different zones inside the house. Thus, avoid the use of energy in cooling the unused areas.

No sound pollution


You can even opt for ductless mini splits in bedroom because they operate silently. You can hardly perceive the sound of regular on and off functions.

Blends well in the decor

Ductless mini-splits are regarded as less obtrusive than window cooling system. The units are small and can be integrated in home designs easily by mounting it on the ceilings or attach to a wall. Majority of indoor components have profiles of 7” deep and generally comes with glossy, ultra-modern looking jackets.

Better energy Conservation

Ductworks have several holes and leaks that can cause loss of 30% energy used in cooling the home. Alternatively mini-splits do not depend on ductwork to deliver coolness, so they are not subjected to energy loss. In addition, the latest features like variable speed compressors and dual compressor technology allows cutting the cooling bills significantly.

Air purifying and circulation technology

Advanced purifying technology ensures the circulation of clean and fresh air. The computer controlled louvers as well as fan speeds reduce temperature difference in a room for better air circulation.

The main thing to remember is have your system sized accurately to your home requirements and install it in best location for best performance and efficiency. Hire a professional installer, so as to get advice on an ideal cooling solution that can benefit your entire house.

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