Global Technology Trends Creating Disruption and Opportunities

There is no end to this techno-race, and all the organizations have to stay alerted because if they do not use technology, someone else will. In the upcoming years, there would be following game-changing technologies:

  1. Speedy Growth of Big Data:

There is an explosion of data in organizations, but Big Data technology can be used to streamline the extensive data at large.

  1. Advanced Cloud services:

These cloud services are highly valuable to maintain software, hardware and computing capacities. Public and private clouds are in trend for information storage.

  1. IT Service on demand:

Hardware and software services used as per requirements will, in turn, decrease the IT staff expenses.

  1. Virtualization:

It will allow mobile devices to be converted in super-computers with the capabilities to do buying and selling at large scale.

  1. IT and Consumerism:

There is a rapid advancement in technology and consumers are interested in buying latest trend.

  1. Games and technology:

Once it was an Atari game, now there is Xbox and PlayStation and ever changing game software is stimulating different face of gaming in the market.

  1. Communication and engagement:

There would be a new level of collaboration to enhance relationships through increasing communication among organizations via social media.

  1. Mobile phones market:

There is a huge market of cell phones attracting consumers more and minimizing the usage of desktops, and they have become the primary source of information.

  1. 3D Printing:

It is easier, cheap and quicker way of manufacturing high-value materials such as mobiles, cases, automobiles, shoes, prosthetic limbs and much more.

  1. Smart Assistance:

The world of technology is full of possibilities, if companies would have intelligent electronic assistants like Apple’s Siri, they will prefer technological support.

  1. Digital Identity Management:

There is better security management of Androids, smartphones because of biometric identification technology.

  1. Visual Communication:

There are various forms of visual communication such as Skype and FaceTime, as well as other video call options have made business communication more viable.

  1. Advanced Location Awareness:

It is very reliable and easy to do online business because one can keep track of the orders through various mobile apps.

Global Technology Trends Creating Disruption and Opportunities

  1. Mobile Banking:

You can easily pay your daily bills through online and mobile banking.

  1. Smart TV:

There is always room for Smart TV in one’s room. The global marketplace is waiting for size room TV full of applications.

  1. Multiple App Stores:

A new concept of different app stores of various mobile companies, leading towards the competitive market for sales and purchase of these apps.

  1. 3D Displays:

The introduction of 3D display of smartphones and tablets will be a huge success in the technology world as it would be interesting to visualize increasingly rich data.

  1. E-BOOKS:

It would be lifetime experience of students of this generation to learn through E-BOOKS, E-TEXTBOOKS, and E-NEWSPAPERS.

  1. Interactive Robots:

In this technology world, humans would be happy to have an assistance of robots rather than highly paid staff.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Based Machines:

It would be a lot easier for the organization to complete tasks; pre- assigned, decision making through artificial intelligence installed in machines.

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