Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals

Interior design and home décor have come a long way over the years. It’s no longer just about choosing the right color paint and furniture, but now we have other options like wall murals to consider. Wall murals are so much more than your average wall coverings. They take wall décor to a whole new level and can help you create any theme you desire!

Black and White

There are a number of stunning murals available and, while some add plenty of brightness and color to the room, others take a more understated approach with black and white designs. These designs are great because they don’t need to fit in with a particular color scheme and, if you choose to change the main colors of that room someday, you won’t need to remove the mural.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals


So many of us live in the city, or we spend more time indoors than we do surrounded by nature. Welcome nature into your home and create your very own sanctuary by choosing a nature-themed mural. Some of the most popular designs include flowers, forest settings, and even some abstract interpretations of nature. It’s good to note that green is known for its calming effects so, if you want to create a relaxing reading nook or a calm bedroom environment, you might enjoy something rich in foliage.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals

Sports or Hobbies

Wall murals are an expression of the homeowner or, if you choose a particular mural for one of your kids, then they could use this as a way of expressing themselves and their interests. Look for a mural that relates to a particular hobby or sport. This will not only add color and personality to the room, but it will also become a great talking point. These kinds of mural designs are also great for entertainment areas. Just imagine a bright football mural on the wall opposite your family Foosball table.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals

City Views

Whether you opt for a black and white city view or full color, these designs are timeless. They are perfect for such areas as your living room, dining room, and even the entrance hall. These designs are especially favored in a modern setting with a somewhat minimalist design that will really let the mural take center stage.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals


If you are looking for something timeless and abstract, then an ornamental design is for you. When choosing one of these designs, it’s very important to take color into account. Many of these murals include a fair amount of bold colors and patterns that are best suited for larger living spaces. Remember, the more detailed the mural, the larger the room should be. Highly detailed murals can make a small room feel even smaller, and this is obviously not the desired effect.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals

For Kids

A fantastical wall mural is just what so many kids need to help stimulate their creativity. In today’s world, we are often bombarded by technology that it doesn’t allow their young minds to develop and grow on their own. Remember that it’s always a good idea to offer your child several options when choosing a mural for their room. It should be something that they love and will continue to enjoy in the future. Consider the type of furniture in your child’s room when choosing a mural. If you are trying to create a fantasy fairy land, you will need the furniture to support this theme which means that a fresh coat of paint may just be in order.

Give Any Room In Your Home A Fantastic Theme With Wall Murals

The most important thing to remember is that a wall mural should act as an accent wall. There is no need to cover all the walls as you would with wallpaper or paint. When applying the mural, you should ask your supplier about their recommendations for wallpaper paste or take a look at or for a wide selection.

When shopping for the perfect wall mural for a particular room in your home, it’s important to consider the design as well as the quality of the product. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at Talissa Décor online  for a great variety of designs, colors, and sizes. They also ship all across North.

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