Free 7 Day Trial On Cloudload To Stream Torrents

In the era when time is premium who would not like to go for streaming movies, audios and files instead of waiting impatiently for the download to be complete. In addition, if your computer disk is safeguarded from viruses and the download is on the cloud instead of your computer disk, then is it not a Jackpot? Well, there are many free and paid applications to choose from but Cloudload takes the cake if you want to stream torrents.

Applications that stream torrents

You have to dig through the choices if you are looking for the right application for streaming. Most of the applications use the .torrent file or the magnet file for streaming. Each come with their own issues while broadcasting their user friendliness.

Free 7 Day Trial On Cloudload To Stream Torrents

Applications like WebTorrent Desktop and Torrents Time are in Beta and support Windows, Linux and Macintosh OS. WebTorrent Desktop is 100% open source and you could even go ahead and fix or report the issue. Torrents Time, since new has issues related to pirated torrents as per user reviews. Hola and Rox Player have an integrated media player which the user can use for streaming. With Hola you also get VPN and you can view subtitles of the movie.

“Torrent streaming”, Tribler and Zona are made only for streaming torrents and claim to be user friendly. In Torrent streaming the user can see the speed of downloading. Tribler promises to keep the user anonymous. Zona is free and is developed by Russians in Java,  has some hidden nuances of Russian language references.

Fetchr is a paid service which offers a 60 minutes trial. It claims the trial time is enough to download a full movie. Fetchr does not need VPN to conceal your identity. It works in two steps, downloading the actual files first to the Fetchr server uses a BitTorrent client and once fully downloaded, it starts streaming. Since the servers are very fast and if the files are well seeded then the two step process appears transparent to the user.

However Cloudload  is the complete solution which allows you to stream torrents directly on the cloud while keeping your identity anonymous and giving you speeds upto 10Gbps. Whether it be an iPad or an iPhone, Android, desktop, Laptop, Chromecast, Apple Airplay, TV, Blackberry. PC or smartphones, Cloudload supports it. It can stream upto 24 file types and gives a user an experience leaving him in delight. There are no pop up ads or virus issues due to the inbuilt virus scanner. There are offers for Free trials of upto 7 days where you can check it out.  The memberships come in various packages dependent on your need. There are membership programs of 40 GB, 100GB, 500 GB and 1000GB Cloud space with 5, 10, 15 and 20 simultaneous transfers respectively. Choose from them and stream your downloaded video files, listen to audio files, or view your documents all within CloudLoad on your computer, television, mobile phone or tablet device.

The wise choice

So what are you contemplating upon? Cloudload is the best bet. Sign up for your free Trial offer today. Experience to stream torrents in less than a minute. That’s the promise!

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