Football And Its Excitement

When you are a lover of football, you will surely understand how it feels to be associated with the game. It is really a pride to see your favorite team winning and carrying the trophy home. There are some football fans like Jonathan Bunge in Cleveland Ohio who do much more than just watching the game. They share their ideas and thoughts with fans from across the world via their personal blogs. Jonathan loves to write about the sport and how it helps people to develop both physical and mental skills.

Football And Its Excitement

Jonathan Bunge says that parents should encourage the game of football with their kids. This game gives them the chance to actually develop their social interaction skills and behavior.Jonathan is with the transport industry and spends most of his time traveling. However, when he is back he never misses the chance to share his ideas and passion with fellow football fans.

When it comes to the popularity of football as a game- Jonathan Bunge says that it is a game that is accessible to all. To play the game, you do not have to be rich. All you need is a ball and you can even practice in the streets. Jonathan says that children should be encouraged to play the game by their parents. He was very lucky as his parents allowed him to play the sport when he was young. However, his mother was scared about the falls and the injuries he suffered as he was very small. However, his father coaxed his mother and she allowed him to play the sport despite the risks of getting hurt.

Jonathan is grateful to his parents and encourages youth football to a very large extent. If you take a look at his blog, you will find that Jonathan has written and shared a lot of informative posts about football and its benefits. Moreover, he says that he is not much of a writing and his posts are rare. However, when he is not traveling on the road, he never misses the chance to share his experiences with all and sundry. Football is his first love and his other areas of interests are tattoos and sharing his amazing experiences on the road.

When it comes to the sport, Jonathan Bunge says that football inspires people from all nations. They share a common language and most important they also ensure that the game is watched with active participation as well. If you watch a game of football, you will get so engrossed in the arena yourself. The ball is not passed on but it is cared for very well. At the same time, you will also find the players coordinating with one another well. Football is a team game and you need to play with one another to progress and win. This is why Jonathan Bunge says that you should always encourage youngsters to play the sport. The game teaches many positive things about life- your child will grow up more balanced and wise!

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