Foot Callus Remover Technologies Discussed

There are more than one sophisticated and effective ways today to remove foot calluses. Some are fast, while some are effective for longer times. The plus and minus will always be there in any kind of therapy, but the best part is that all the therapies work effectively; using one or more of them, any person can have a completely callus-free  body. Generally, calluses do appear on feet and occasionally on hands. This is why people more often look for a foot callus remover.

Foot Callus Remover Technologies Discussed

Removing the Callus with a Motorized Callus Remover

There are various ways to remove a callus, and some are mechanical and some chemical. The mechanical way involves using of shavers and rollers or laser callus removers. These are motorized instruments, which can remove a callus in two ways.

The shavers or rollers have a chiselling stone or head, which vibrates at a very high speed to chisel, grate off or convert the callus into dust. When you start the machine, the head has to be put in contact with the callus. The head or roller will rub on the callus at a high speed, and dead bony skin will be converted into dust. This way the more you keep the roller head in touch with the surface, the more skin will be converted into dust. Caution should be taken to remove the roller at the right time from the place, so that healthy and soft skin beneath the callus does not get bruised by the roller after the hard part gets removed.

Another form of motorized foot callus remover is the laser powered machine. These are available with the salons and pedicure centres, and they come quite expensive. Their handling also needs professional expertise as the laser beam has to be targeted on the callus to burn the dead skin instantly and remove it by dusting off. This is done with special care under professional supervision, so that no healthy tissue gets burnt in the process.

Instant and Easy Way

The best home remedy and easiest solution as the instant foot callus remover include the peels and gels. The peels and gels both work with the same technology. Both contain tissue dissolving acids, which can instantly start dissolving tissues. The acids are effective in dissolving both dead and living tissues. Hence caution should be maintained.  The gels contain more acids and are used on more stubborn and bony, hard calluses, which neither an electronic remover can scrape off nor a peel can. With lesser concentration of the acid, the peels are prepared for patch application on comparatively thinner calluses. Peels also need to be kept for 3 to 5 minutes for the acid to work and dissolve the dead skin, and loosen off the callus mass from the healthy skin below it.

Both gels and peels work the same way, and peels are applied as a patch, while gels have to be rubbed on the area and left for action. Timings are almost the same in both cases, and effectiveness is good too; the gels being the strongest and most effective for the hardest and thickest calluses.

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