Follow These Useful Tips When Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in your house is an important decision. It requires significant amount of investment in its installation and maintenance. Your work does not end with just the installation, but only proper care and regular maintenance keeps it in best working condition for many more years.

Often it is observed that people perform cleaning activities only when they see visible dirt accumulated on the panels and roof. It is advisable to perform cleaning at regular intervals of time. Getting the cleaning done from a trusted solar panel installer will save you from unnecessary expenditure incurred on frequent maintenance and repair activities. In this article we will tell you about the useful tips to cleaning of solar panels.

Follow These Useful Tips When Cleaning Your Solar Panels

When do you need Cleaning of Solar Panels?

There is an inbuilt function in solar panels that cleans the machine on its own. Explicit cleaning of solar panel is required especially in dry areas or regions where panel tilt is very low. Over period of time dust and substances such as bird droppings can deposit over the panels that adversely impact the amount of electricity produced by them.

Why Cleaning of Solar Panels are required?

It is very important to clean the glass of the solar panel, because the clean glass will act as more unobstructed surface to receive enhanced sunlight to produce solar power.

How often does one need to Clean the Solar Panels?

Frequency of cleaning solar panels depends on the area one lives in. You need to clean every week if you live nearby a windy desert where there are loads of possibilities of particulates in the air. Generally speaking, cleaning once in two months is suggested for proper generation of solar power.

Some of the Tips in Cleaning Solar Panels

  • When cleaning any electrical device or machine, it is better to shut it down before touching any part of it. This will ensure safety.
  • Cleaning should always be done from the ground. Never touch the rooftop without having equipped with sufficient experience and training. It is better to call a qualified agent to do this work.
  • Always use good quality and soft brush to clean the panel. A hard brush, harsh abrasive cleaning product, metal tools can make scratches on the glass of the panel. Only do little scrubbing to prevent leaks and break on the glass of the panel.
  • Always clean the solar panels early morning, evening or a cloudy day when sun is not at this peak. This will prevent quick evaporation of water when cleaning panels with the water and dirt will get smeared. Also less use of water and energy will be there.
  • Before putting water on the panels, brush off any materials present on them to ensure easy and fast cleaning.

Cleaning of solar panels is a task that one requires lots of experience and expertise. An inexperienced person without precise equipment is not capable to do this task on its own.  Los Angeles is a city that provides numerous impeccable solar panel installation and repair services. provide all kind of solar system services including cleaning works using advanced set of technology and tools in the most efficient manner.

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