Folding Scooter Canopy and Its Numerous Benefits

Ease of use

Being able to use your canopy without help from anyone else can make decisions about when to go out much easier. It can also restore a level of independence that could be lost if you had to request help to fit your canopy before venturing out.

Because the folding canopy is stored in its own bag at the rear of the scooter behind the seat, it simply needs to be folded out, if rain threatens. The top is unfolded and secured to the front of the vehicle and then the sides are unfolded and zipped into position. This provides protection from the rain or other adverse weather conditions, giving you the flexibility of being able to go out even in unsettled weather. If the sun comes out unexpectedly, it is equally simple to fold the canopy back. Match the colour coded Velcro to ensure it is packed away correctly, and slide the bag back over. Folding the canopy out or back in is much quicker and easier than you might expect.

Folding Scooter Canopy and Its Numerous Benefits


The folding scooter canopy also has the advantage of fitting almost every scooter, from the small models that can be transported in a car to the large scooters capable of 8mph. So whichever type of scooter you have, you no longer have to purchase a bespoke canopy for it. Because it folds so conveniently, transporting your scooter with the canopy attached is not a problem.

The folding canopy also provides protection from the elements, if the scooter has to be stored outside. However, unlike traditional canopies, it can easily be folded back so that you are not too hot on warm days. Some people rely on plastic covers for storing their scooters, but without a proper canopy, you cannot use the scooter in rainy weather without getting wet. Light plastic covers are also prone to tearing or blowing away in windy weather, so investing in one of these can be a false economy.


The frame of the folding canopy is manufactured from aluminium, so the problem of rusting is eliminated. The frame is light but also very durable and will keep its condition for many years, even when subjected to considerable pressure. The cover material is state of the art and offers real protection against adverse weather conditions.

The innovative folding scooter cover can make a real difference to the life of anyone who relies on a mobility scooter to get around. It eliminates the problem of needing assistance to fit a canopy to your scooter before going out, or alternatively having to tolerate being too warm because you have to leave your traditional canopy in position even when the sun is shining.

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