Flying Safely With One Of The Best Pilots In The World!

When it comes to aviation and flying in an aeroplane, it is very important for you to ensure that you fly with a pilot that is certified and licensed. This will help in the prevention of accidents and you too will receive the assurance that you are flying in safe hands. When it comes to pilots, they too get the confidence and courage to become the best pilots in the world thanks to these licenses and certifications.

However, some pilots go the extra mile to get certified with the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA in the USA. This is a prestigious body for pilot certification and only a select few are chosen. They are considered the best in the world and one esteemed pilot in the USA that has recently been included in the list is

Over the years, you have seen that there has been several changes in pilot certification so that crashes on flight are averted. The standards of FAA are not only the highest in the USA but also across the globe. Pilots like Akash Monpara work hard to become the best. He believes in constant improvement as flying aircrafts are his passion.

Flying Safely With One Of The Best Pilots In The World!

Passengers who fly with an FAA pilot reduce the chances of accidents and crashes. This is what makes the FAA pilots different from the rest. There are no fears and stress. It is a relaxing experience when you fly with a pilot who is considered to be one of the best across the world thanks to FAA.

Akash himself says that it is not safe for you to fly with a pilot that is not certified. Recently the FAA has made an announcement that it is now increasing the qualifications criteria for pilots who wish to be certified under it. These standards have been fixed after consultations and meetings have been held with senior professionals and officers in the aviation industry. The qualifications also include training and minimum flight time. This certification is applicable to the US passenger  and cargo airlines.

Akash Monpara always had a deep passion for flying since his childhood says. He studied hard to become a successful pilot in the USA however he always wanted to become the best. He says that a good pilot should be proactive and make passengers feel comfortable during the flight. For some people flying is really a scary affair but Akash ensures that he gives them the reassurance that you are in his safe hands while flying. After getting his preliminary license, he worked hard to improve his flying skills. This is the sole reason why he decided to get certified by the FAA. The challenge was tough but he successfully passed with flying colors. This has not only motivated himself but his peers as well!

Akash is an inspiring pilot in the USA today. He says that punctuality and discipline have always helped him to get the best in life. Akash always wanted to be certified by the FAA and he is indeed delighted that his long cherished dream has come true.

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