Few Tips To Increase Your Battery Life Of Your Smartphones Many Folds

Consider this situation: you are on a family trip to Disneyland this thanksgiving and in some time you are separated from your family then you realize that you have a smartphone with you, so you take out your phone to call up your family but what the heck! The battery has hit empty! so instead of enjoying the roller coaster rides you end up looking for your family the whole time and you think what a nightmare.

Many people could face this situation given how battery technology progress per year and the stark contrast between advancement of battery technology and the smartphone technology. Over the years there has been sluggish progress in battery technology. Although there are many experimental battery technologies like charging devices by pulling energy from air but Lithium ion is the safest and easily reproducible technology available so its not gonna say ‘Bye-Bye’ for a while

Few Tips To Increase Your Battery Life Of Your Smartphones Many Folds

So we present to you some of the tips to conserve your battery when your last red bit of battery left

 1. Consider the brightness of your screen

The screen is the most power consuming of all the hardware’s in your smartphone. So first measure to reduce the battery drain is to reduce brightness of your screen. In an hour long test it was found that android phone’s power consumption reduces by 30% when the screen brightness is reduced and iPhone 6s consumes 54% less battery when done the same process. Power consumption in Kindle is not as much of a matter of concern as the device has minimal hardware so people don’t call the Kindle fire customer service much. It Is advised to turn on the auto-brightness for the screen to reduce battery drainage as this feature automatically adjust the screen brightness according to ambient light.

2. Install ad blocking feature on your phone

Downloading ads greatly increases power consumption on you phone when browsing the internet over Wi-Fi connection so always install a ad blocker on your phone if it’s not a built in feature in your browser. In a test it was found that when using Ghostery privacy browser which doesn’t allow ads, used only 8% of the total battery and when 1Blocker is installed in an iPhone then it uses 9% of the full battery while those numbers were originally 22% and 18% respectively

3. Change your email settings

There is a technology called ‘push’ which constantly listens for new mail in your inbox this is why you get automatically updated on new mails as they come. There is a downside to this technology as more emails you receive more the battery is consumed so email have considerable impact on battery drainage. In a test it was found that if you have three email account and the average rate of email received is 20 to 30 emails per hour, then in the course of a day you utilize about 5 to 10 percent of the total battery

So there you go, these tips will surely help you save battery when you need to do it.

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