FAQs Related To Workers’ Compensation Benefits

What is Workers’ comp?

Workers’ comp is an insurance program mandated by state, which requires employers to pay the premiums. This provides employees medical, income and rehabilitation benefit, if they got injured or ill on the job.

In general, a worker suffering from work-related illness or injury gets covered by workers comp, regardless of whose fault it was – the employee, a o-worker, the employer, a consumer or third party. For attaining these guaranteed benefits, workers have surrendered their rights to file a lawsuit against their employer for work-related injuries.

FAQs Related To Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Does workers’ comp cover only medical bills?

Besides paying your hospital bills, medical examination charges and medications, you will be provided with disability payments. In addition, you may be paid for retraining, rehabilitation, and other benefits.

Are all the work-related injuries covered?

Workers’ compensation program is designed for protecting employees getting injured, at workplace even if the injury occurred due to anyone’s carelessness. However, there are some limitations, where coverage can be denied like –

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries while the employee was committing serious crime
  • Misconduct or violating company’s policy caused the injury
  • Injured, when the worker was not on job

Are illnesses and problems covered?

Injury may not be limited to sprained ankle or fall from ladder at workplace for attaining workers’ comp benefits. Injuries that are rooted due to misuse or overuse for a long time receive compensation (repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome)

Does the injury have to be occurred at workplace to file workers’ compensation claim?

No, your injury needs to be job-related. Even if you are away from company premises, but doing work related task or errand or attending necessary business-related social gathering, you are covered. You can contact workplace injury attorney for information on what accounts as work-related injury.

Which employees are covered under workers comp policy?

An employer’s liability to offer coverage depends on the number of employees, kind of business and kind of task the employees conduct. Certain types of employees are excluded. These exclusions include domestic employees, farm workers and casual or seasonal workers.

Do I have to take treatment from employer’s recommended doctor?

Employer paid doctor may affect the benefits you are entitled to receive. The doctor may be biased and to gain more business from the insurance provider or your employer can motivate him to identify your injury to be less serious. Make sure to check whether your state allows you to see your personal physician.

Do I still have right to sue my employer over work-related injury?

If you got injured due to intentional or reckless action of your employer, then you can avert the worker’s comp program and file a lawsuit against your employer for total damages like punitive damage, pain & suffering as well as mental anguish.

I have scar and permanent functional loss, due to work-related injury. Will I get extra compensation?

You are entitled to onetime payment for the scar on neck, hand or face and permanent functional loss. Generally, an agreement needs to be made with the insurance provider to have this compensation settled within nine to ten months. Delay means allowing the scar or functional loss to become stable. If agreement cannot be reached with the insurer then file a lawsuit.

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