Facts About Teen Drug Addiction That You Need To Know

Drug addiction has become the most important problem, not only for Americans, but also for the whole world. This addiction of drugs has not only affected adults of older age, but also, the teens. Due to this unfortunate fact, this has caused number of abuses across the globe including increased crimes and health issues.


So, there is the dearth need of taking steps that can eradicate the drug addiction from our culture, but mainly from the teens, that are considered to be pillars of the nation. For this, there are number of tests being conducted in the schools and in different localization including the saliva drug tests that can help to detect the drug addict in order to treat him with possible treatments.

To eradicate such social evil from our society and to make world suck less, it is imperative to know some facts and figures related to drug abuse or addiction. So, I have compiled some important facts that you need to know about drug addiction.

Some Important Facts about Teen Drug Addiction that You Need to Know:

In the previous ages, adults were considered to be more likely to get drug addiction, but contrary to that, in the present age, teens are more involved in such substance abuse and are killing themselves because of their foul social commitments and company. A study has been made on teens and drug addiction and it was found that:

  1. Drug Addiction is Hereditary:

Although there could be number of factors influencing the drug addiction in teens, but it is already discovered that drug addiction is genetic and the person having genetic history of drug addiction is more likely to get addicted to drugs in his teen age.

  1. The Risk of Drug Addiction:

It is often said that learning always persists. So, teens learning from their parents about the risks and adverse effects of drugs are less likely to use drugs than the persons who don’t. The ratio is often estimated between 50 percent that are learned and less likely to get addicted.

  1. Teens gets Drugs from friends or relatives free of cost:

Another important fact that you need to know is that, almost 60 percent of the total teens admitted that they get prescription drugs free of cost from their friends and family.

Moreover, it is also admitted by the teens that by 8th grade, almost 28 percent of them have consumed alcohol, 15 percent have tried cigarette and 16.5 percent have used marijuana. For more such facts, you can click here.

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