Expert Advice On How To Pick An Amazing Banquet Hall

Careful planning is the key for a perfect event. There are a million tiny details to work out for medium and large gatherings but by far the most important is the venue and choosing the right venue for your particular event.

Whether you’re researching for family or business events, the process of choosing the perfect banquet hall is the same. You need to be clear on what you need, what you don’t need, where you want to save money and where you are willing to spend money.

To ensure you get the best venue possible, you want to start early as possible – 6 months in advance is amazing. Sometimes that’s not always the case so you must work with what you can get. Don’t procrastinate on choosing the venue you can work out all the smaller details once you have the place locked down, and guests invited.

Before you begin your search, you need to be 100% clear on:

  • Budget
  • Number of attendees and who they are
  • Type of event (Official, Casual, etc.)

Once you’ve made some notes on the items mentioned above and have carefully reviewed your plan, and are 100% clear on the vision of your party, you can follow this 10 point checklist to find the perfect banquet hall for your event.

Select the perfect banquet hall by comparing them upon the following factors:

Expert Advice On How To Pick An Amazing Banquet Hall

1) Cost

Consider the needs and comfort of your guests and balance the same accordingly, to your set budget. You may consider to keep the budget of venue down, to allow more room for decors, entertainment, food and beverages.

Flexibility in dates can come very handy to negotiate the prices, as certain days tend to cost less than others. For instance, weekends are usually much more costly than other days of week. Additionally, there are certain seasons when the rates are high, like the summer vacations or christmas period.

Check whether you need to pay the deposit fee beforehand while reserving the date or pay in bulk after the event. The latter is recommended while the combination of two is the usual norm.

2) Location

The perfect location may mean different things for different events. It is best to choose one within a limited geographical range for attendees who are coming from nearby places or neighborhoods. For a work-related event, keep the venue near the workplace location. However, it is better to consult with your colleagues to know about their flexibility.

If many people are travelling from out of town for the event, it is better to house them all at a single location. If you can afford to limit the level of amenities, a serene countryside venue can be a bargain.

Use load-distance method of site planning to choose event location. Substitute the number of attendees as the load factor.

Expert Advice On How To Pick An Amazing Banquet Hall

1) Parking

  •  Does the venue have a parking lot or a valet parking?
  •  If not, are there any parking lots nearby which the attendees can have access to?
  •  If yes, how many cars can fit in the parking lot?
  •  What are the other alternatives?

2) Acoustics

A potential venue space needs to be evaluated in regards to the Acoustical point of view as well. The clarity, echo, loudness or even the ability of sound to travel through the space depends upon the design of hall.

A low ceiling makes a venue seem cozy but it gets loud and chatty when packed. Similarly a large venue results in echo. It is an recommended that the hall is soundproofed. It reduce noise and reverberations. When the sound gets absorbed clarity is enhanced. Learn about the importance of soundproofing and ways to do it.

1) Restrictions

Are there any restrictions like ending the event by a specific time or how loud the music can be played? If you are comfortable with the restrictions, do not try to accept them with an intention to refuse or “deal” with it later. Search for a different banquet hall, if your event cannot take place with the added restrictions.

2) Capacity and F&Bs

  • Capacity: The number of attendees play a major role in the fluidity of your event. Have a fairly certain idea about the number of attendees. It is important for two reasons: To book a hall which is large enough, and to maintain fire and safety protocols of the venue.
  • F&B Minimums: It is the minimum dollar amount in terms of the cost of food and beverages, that you need to pay, to be able to use the space and facility. Ask about the menu, offers, and special discounts and get your F&B options in writing. Make sure to crosscheck if beverages include alcoholic drinks.

3) Layout

To stage the perfect event, the layout must be in accordance to the occasion and ensure your delegates a comfortable experience.

The layout decides the level of activities you can conduct in the hall. It also gives you a fair idea of amenities it can contain and the size of team you need for the touch ups.

With rapid technological advancement, it is possible to sit in the comfort of your home and be virtually present at a different location. Spice Affair offers a Virtual Tour of their restaurant, private dining room and banquet facilities so you can have a real analysis of the banquet hall, its layout and capacity.

With the new VR headsets, it feels as if you are actually standing (sitting actually) at the location and browse through the details, in detail.

4) Services and Amenities

In addition to the appearance, it is important to take into consideration the services and amenities that the venue offers. Consider the following:

○        Does the venue provide a kitchen and can it provide catering?

○        Does it have tables, chairs and linens you could use?

○        Does it have a setup or cleanup crew?

○        Does it have Audio-Visual capabilities?

○        Where are the entrance and exit gates?

○        Is there a parking lot?

○        Are the restrooms clean and odor-free?

It is highly recommended to choose an all in one banquet hall which takes care of all the amenities, without you worrying about the every little detail.

1)      Venue Style & Decorations

The way an event is styled can make or break a party. The style of decoration largely depends upon the type of event you are planning. Many banquet halls provide event planners which are available at a discounted bulk rate. These planners have detailed knowledge about the ins and outs of the hall and have huge portfolio to choose a similar style.

Personal events like wedding receptions, birthdays or anniversaries will call for a more personalized atmosphere. Such decor needs to contain elements, which uniquely relate to host. Similarly, a corporate event or an award ceremony may require a decor which oozes elegance.

Get it in Writing – Sign a Contract

Once you have settled your mind on a banquet hall, make sure you get it in writing and get a Contract together between you and the venue. The contract copy should include all the minute details like: service, total amount, deposit fee, dates of payment, restrictions etc. The contract must contain a signature from BOTH the parties.

1)      Here is an example of contract copy for a banquet hall:

Expert Advice On How To Pick An Amazing Banquet Hall


Finding the perfect event venue for your family party or work event can be tough, but when you know what you are looking for and keep the 10 points above in your mind, you should be able to find a great venue.

 Visit the venue, ask relevant questions, probe deeper, consult with your family or colleagues. Review the staff, go online to check customer reviews and testimonials. Do not compromise on the quality because you might not be able to stage the same event in future.

When all’s said and done after all the planning and worry, as soon as everyone is smiling and having a good time, it was all worth it. Shortlist your banquet halls according to the factors and make your event and unforgettable one.

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