Experience The Best Of Vietnam With Viet Bamboo Travel’s – Vietnam Travel Packages Like No Other

If you are planning to visit a country that feels and looks something far and beyond the familiar and mundane, then, you better start choosing the best Vietnam travel packages that suit you exclusively offered by Viet Bamboo Travel.

Experience The Best Of Vietnam With Viet Bamboo Travel’s - Vietnam Travel Packages Like No Other

When in Vietnam, you can be sure that you wouldn’t just be getting an ordinary vacation. Instead, you have to prepare yourself to indulge in a true adventure like you never did before. As a trusted Vietnam travel agency, Viet Bamboo Travel has constantly given their guests the chance to experience only the best of the best of Vietnam.

The country is known for its unexpected treats and wonders. Aside from the interesting combination of indigenous, French and Chinese influences on its cuisine, Vietnam also abounds with historic towns and architecture that will literally take you through a long walk on the corridors of times. From Hanoi’s old historic city to the imperial city of Hue, the Vietnamese landmarks are a true testament to how Vietnam has emerged from the influence of southern China and struggles with colonial Japan and France to establish its very own cultural identity.

Unlike Thailand, the attractions in Vietnam have not been greatly swallowed by commercialism, development and heavy crowds of tourists. With Vietnam travel packages, you will get to see destinations that are simpler and more complete and laid back with their natural charms still unspoiled.

For instance, the Sa Pa Terraces found in the northwest border of Vietnam with China is very stunning. You wouldn’t see those not so pleasant flashy neon signs or even the gaudy trap hotels. Instead, you will be seeing a hillside terrace that has been perfectly cut to hold the rice paddies tended by the indigenous tribes.

For lovers of clean beaches, unspoiled coastlines and tropical forests, Viet Bamboo Travel has also got you covered there. Brace yourself with falling in love with Phu Quoc. It is Vietnam’s own version of Phuket yet this one is less developed but also less spoiled. This offers a pure and simple beach side experience that you will never be able to resist.

When it comes to manmade and historical spots, Vietnam also packs with plenty of stunning historical sights. With the help of a reliable Vietnam travel agency like Viet Bamboo travel, you can try crawling in Cu Chi Tunnels found several kilometers outside Ho Chi Minh City or formerly known as Saigon. Viet Cong used the tunnels during Vietnam War and being inside will leave you amazed.

Experience The Best Of Vietnam With Viet Bamboo Travel’s - Vietnam Travel Packages Like No Other

Without a doubt, Vietnam is really full of surprises for everyone and travelers will definitely have a great time in experiencing the most exotic memories that they will never have anywhere else. The travel spots in Vietnam are less commercialized, unspoiled and more open for those who want to indulge in a free exploration. If you happen to be searching for something new and unique, you better choose from the Vietnam travel packages offered by Viet Bamboo Travel today!

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