Excess Food and Your Pending Move

You’ve just received some very good news: your supervisor has approved your promotion and soon you and your family will relocate to a new city in an effort to expand the business. The opportunity is a special one and you don’t want to miss out on it.

As you begin to declutter your home, you realize that you have enough food on hand to last through Armageddon. At the same time, you also know transporting unopened food is a big cost and generally isn’t justifiable. Here’s some options on what to do with your excess food.

Invite the neighbors. All of them. With enough food on hand to feed an army, you might do just that. Only thing is that army is composed of your neighbors and then some. What you might consider is holding a huge going away bash, but supplying the food yourself. You might also provide food for your neighbors to cook and bring with them on the appointed day. No leftovers here, at least not as far as you are concerned — you’ll be giving away what remains.

Excess Food and Your Pending Move

Donate the food to your church. Your church has a kitchen or a place to prepare and serve meals. Its been a great place for people to gather and serve each other with delicious meals as they break bread and then some. With this in mind, your food could find a way to the fellowship hall for future gatherings.

Contact local food banks. A great need in many communities is food for the hungry. Food banks serve communities across the country, but they’re often short of the items people need and want. Your donation of unopened foods may help replenish stock that has run low. Contribute what you can and just as you would do with your contribution to the church, ask for a tax receipt. You’ll offset some of the cost of your donation when it comes time to file your income taxes.

Throw it away. No, not all of it. Just as you may want to donate food, some of the food is dated and simply should be thrown out. Anything that is opened and cannot be cooked or reused should be discarded. Some food items may have gone past the expiration date, but may still be good. Of course, when in doubt just throw it out.

Sell your food. Is it possible to sell food? You may be able to do so if the food items are current and unopened. Here, you may encounter a skeptical group of individuals, wondering if the food is fresh. You may need to show purchase date receipts and provide other information to substantiate your purchase. The food items perhaps best for selling are those that can become a part of a home’s long-term storage. Wheat, rice, oats, beans, and potatoes when carefully packaged can last many years, decades even. As long as the food is properly packaged and stored in a cool, dry place it may be useful for sale.

Making Your Move

Moving food can be costly especially as the long distance moving companies charge by the pound. Hundreds of pounds of food is a cost you don’t need to bear. Instead, consider one or more of the options mentioned and take that path.

The same thinking about food should apply to your dry goods items too. Paper napkins, paper towels, toilet tissue, cups, and the like take up a lot of room. Endeavor to work through these items in the weeks or months before your move, If you have any paper goods left at the time of your move, then give these to a neighbor or if the box is unopened, then include it with your food items set aside for donation.

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