Excellent Tips For Making Your Bedroom Look Lively With Linens

Whether you are a homemaker or belong to a hospitality industry, it’s important to have a well presentable bedding to add to the overall atmosphere of the room and to create a positive experience for your guests.

If you are planning to go out for a shopping this vacation for buying some new bed linings, make sure that you purchase it keeping in mind the texture , size and fabric of linen. Costly linen is may not be worthy.

Excellent Tips For Making Your Bedroom Look Lively With Linens

Few Tips To Buy Bed-Linens

  • Measure Bed Size

Make sure you measure size of your bed before purchasing a bed linen so that you don’t waste your valuable time in exchanging it. You must account for depth of mattress before buying linen as this may affect the size if sheet you are buying.

  • Know The Size of Pillows

It’s important to check whether the size of your pillows is standard or not. If the pillows are king sized, then go accordingly.

  • Buy From a Renowned Supplier

Make sure that you make purchase from a reputable supplier who offers standard sized measurements. If you go to a local supplier, the product may not come out to be worthy and you may lament later on. You can checkout exclusive bed line designs available at Pom Pom at Home.

  • Account for Thread Count

A high thread count doesn’t ensure quality material. The choice of right yarn through to finishing process has important role in determining the final character of your bed’s linen.

Thread count is the number of threads that are being put in each square inch of cloth. Linens can range from 120 to about 1000; however, biggest is not the best.

  • Fabric and Weave

It’s important to account for the fabric of linen you are purchasing. If you want a pure feeling from your linen, you should go with cotton. These linens are woven from single thread and its long staples account for durability and softness of material.  Moreover, Sateen and Percale sheets are easy to launder, breathable and durable.

  • Shrinkage

While buying a bed linen, make sure that you purchase plus sized linen. Especially, if it’s cotton linen makes sure to account for the shrinkage and buy it accordingly otherwise you may not be able to use it again, after washing it once.

  • Choice of Color

Make a choice of color based on your requirement. If you buying those linen for your child’s room, then go for a dark shade linen so that you don’t have to clean it again and again. However, if it’s for your own bedroom you can choose a romantic color like pink which is beautiful and elegant, at same time.

  • Drying

Drying linen too much is a common mistake which results in hard out creases. It is recommended to dry it in air whenever possible. However, if you are short of time due to bad weather, dry it by ironing.


Making choice of appropriate linen is important so that you don’t end up wasting your money and get a beautiful bedroom for yourself and your guests.

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