Everything You Should Be Knowing About NEET Examination

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the most difficult yet sought after exams in the world, and the reason behind its popularity is the fact that it opens new doors to success for those students who clear it. Students can attempt this exam and try to get into a college of their choice for MBBS, BDS, and Post Graduate courses. All the premier institutes in India accept this score. So, if you have a dream of graduating from a top medical college, NEET should be your best and only bet.

Everything You Should Be Knowing About NEET Examination

NEET Examination

Earlier, there were different state level and national level examinations to grab a seat in MBBS and BDS courses across the country; however, due to several issues revolving around the structure of the exams, the government abolished different exam concept and implemented one exam for all the courses. NEET or National Eligibility Entrance Test is a national level exam for those students who wish to study MBBS or BDS course from a good college.

NEET is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education as a replacement of previously conducted AIPMT, which garnered many negative feedbacks in the past. However, the road isn’t fully clear even today as many colleges that previously accepted AIMPT score for granting admission to students have taken a stay order against the newly introduced NEET. In order to protest against the government and stick to their old model, these institutions have started conducting their own examinations to give admission to aspiring medical students.

As per the reports, some of the major institutes that don’t accept NEET score include names like All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research JIPMER and Postgraduate Institute for Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh. These institutes were set up by different laws so they aren’t liable to accept NEET score just like many other colleges are doing now.

Different Phases of NEET Examination

In 2016, the AIPMT exam which was conducted on May 1, 2016, was considered as the first phase of the NEET exam. Those students who had registered for the phase 1 of the NEET, were given another chance to sit in the next phase of this exam which was held on July 24. The only condition for this was that all those who sit for the second phase would have to give up on their phase one score, which created a lot of buzz around. Seems like the 2017 NEET will also have rules and regulations just like the previous year’s examination. However, the detailed notification of the next year’s NEET is yet to come out, so students will have to wait for some more time before they can get a clarity on this subject.

According to the information made available by the Central Board of Secondary Education, there are more than 25000 medical seats available in different private colleges in India. At the same time, the total number of medical seats available in the government colleges is more than 27000. Out of all these seats, NEET counseling seats are just more than 3500 and NEET Basis seats are 35,461.

Accept Telangana, NEET score helps fill about 15% seats in government medical and dental institutions across the country. And the reason behind Telangana’s exclusion from this list is because it doesn’t accept NEET score.

Preparation For NEET

If you’re a NEET aspirant and want to see yourself graduating from a good medical or dental college, then you’ll need to start preparing for this examination in an effective manner. Since not more than 4-5 months are left before NEET 2017 will be conducted, you need to start doing an organized study. Going through all the topics of different subjects may not help you much in the coming weeks. So, shortlist important topics and then try to finish them as soon as possible.

NEET 2017 application forms will be available shortly. Keep an eye on them to ensure you don’t miss out the deadline.

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