Effective Strategies To Get Into Medical Career Easily

Respect, money, and fulfillment – the medical profession offers everything. Of course, it demands compassion, academic brilliance, dexterity, and the hunger to learn always, for a medical practitioner to be truly successful. All students looking to pave the way to a good career in medicine and healthcare can adopt the time tested and proven effective strategies presented here to give themselves the best chances.

Effective Strategies To Get Into Medical Career Easily

Make the Most of the Web

With access to so much information online, it’s much easier for students these days to know what kind of questions they are likely to face in entrance examinations, and what kind of skills they must possess to be able to do well in their medical careers. Here are some strategies that students would do well to follow during their 10+1, and 10+2 classes, which is also the time when they are at their peak efficiency in preparing for the competitive examinations –

  • Enroll with online forums that are about preparation for coveted medical education entrance examinations such as AIPMT and AFMC.
  • Look for online resources that keep you updated on the latest syllabus, expected format, and news about the AIPMT and other important examinations
  • Hunt down previous year question papers, and their solutions, so that you know the best approaches to solving problems in the multiple choice question paper
  • Taking online courses and consultancy sessions to help stay abreast of the syllabus and the depth of knowledge required.
  • Leveraging online resources to combat issues such as anxiety of the examinations, and stress of having to study subject matter that is complicated and expansive

Apply for Multiple Examinations

Apart from AIPMT, there are other important medical examinations that make you eligible for some of the reputed medical education institutes in the country; here’s a quick round up on 3 such exams –

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS MBBS)

Established way back in 1952, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences is a recognized institute of national importance, and has been setting the standards of medical education in the country. Thousands of candidates apply every year for this examination, irrespective of the fact that there are less than 100 slots for admission.

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC ENTRANCE)

The AFMC is located in Pune, and is the perfect option for students who have interest in being a part of the military in the capacity of medical officers. Students from military families, but with interests in medicine, find AFMC the perfect match for their career objectives. The eligibility criteria for this institute are that the candidate must have cleared 10+2 or equivalent examination, by scoring an aggregate of at least 60% in the science subjects.

All India Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Exam (AIPGMEE)

For students who have keen interest in medical research, AIIMS institute offers advanced education opportunities with its AIPGMEE program. The applicant must have an MBBS or BDS degree to be able to enroll in the post-graduation course. This course is ideal for students who are keen on gaining deep knowledge on medicine and healthcare, and interested in experimenting with exciting research subjects, something that professional healthcare engagements might not always leave them time for.

By appearing for this examination, you can be eligible for dozens of medical research and education institutes in the country. The good thing is that as you prepare for AIMPT 2016, you will automatically have covered most of the syllabus for these institutes’ tests (apart from those offering post-graduation courses). So, there are several reasons for you to also apply for these examinations.

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