Distinguish Between Dry Cylinder Liners And Wet Cylinder Liners


Cylinder liners are interior metal based components installed into the piston that protect it from wear and tear of the motor operation. Manufacturers are having three types of cylinder liners- hot cylinder liners, dry cylinder liners, and finned cylinder liners. Each liner has a purpose to protect the piston from heat and impurities using slightly distinct methods. Cylinder liners are expensive and sophisticated products and can be purchased from specialty shops.

Distinguish Between Dry Cylinder Liners And Wet Cylinder Liners

Dry Cylinder Liners

Dry type cylinder liners are among the basic piston protectors. These liners are intended in a way to withstand extremely high temperatures and protect against impurities. Manufacturers involve premium quality materials to form dry cylinder liners, such as cast iron and ceramic nickel plating. These liners are thinner than the wet liners. These liners don’t interact with the engine coolant, yet offer a close fit with the jacket in the cylinder block. This protects the piston from impurities and heat.

Wet Cylinder Liners

Wet cylinder liners are used for protecting the pistons in a distinct way than dry ones. However, the construction of wet cylinder liners is done with same robust materials. Wet cylinder liners come in direct contact with the coolant used in the engine. At times these are fitted with tiny openings to help disperse the impurities and heat. These types of liners are known as water jacket liners. In case the liner doesn’t have a cooling jacket, manufacturers create the one by the liner by interacting with the jacket available in the cylinder block.

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Finned Cylinder Liners

Finned cylinder liners are made of same type of heat and contaminant resistant metal. Finned cylinder liners are designed and intended by engineers for air cooled engine. These liners have similar working principle like dry cylinder liners. These liners are fitted with tiny fins that allow the air to enter with great force around the cylinder to lower the temperature.

Manufacturers have just explained the types of cylinder liners available in the market. You can share your requirement to avail your desired liners. There are companies offering best quality dry cylinder liners at competitive rates. You can get in touch with them and buy dry cylinder liners, wet cylinder liners and finned cylinder liners as per your requirement. A lot of deals and offers are waiting for you.

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