Customization and Additional Accessories Of Modern Firearms

In modern battlefields, be it jungle, desert or urban warfare, operators prefer firearms which can withstand in any weather condition, terrain and environment at the same time obtain the highest accuracy for target acquisition and reflex shooting. The arms manufacturers have come up with different firearms keeping all these necessities in mind. For example the Glock 34 produced by the Austrian company meets these requirements perfectly. This handgun includes an extended barrel and greater slide dimensions which offer unmatched reliability when compared to any other 9X 19mm pistol. Due to its high reliability and accuracy it has been adopted by Special Forces and law enforcement agencies all around the world.

Customization and Additional Accessories Of Modern Firearms

However, when it comes to target shooting and acquiring a target with precision, accessories like a red dot sight makes it much easier for the operator to easily acquire the target and thereby neutralise it. If you are a gun enthusiast or own a handgun, then you can customize your firearm using ZEV Technologies Dragonfly which offers perfect solution and maximizes the performance of your firearm. Precision machined, made from 1704 billet stainless steel the customized slides weights considerably lower than its predecessors offering tighter tolerance.

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The ZEV Technologies Dragonfly customized slides and red dot sights can be readily installed on your Glock series handguns. The slides are designed to assist the shooter and feature a lower ejection port, precision breech face along with a hole which overall improve the consistency of the handgun. Most of these custom made accessories are precision machined using 1704 billet stainless steel which overall reduces the weight of the handgun. In case you are looking to maximize the performance and look of your Glock, then you must customize your firearm.Among the various customized products the dragonfly cut is the most popular Signature slide cut configuration. Customized design gets rid of most materials and at the same time maintains the structural rigidness. Thus it allows the operator to be aggressive as the mechanism helps in cooling of the barrel.

The steel used is heat treated and battle tested military grade stainless something on which operators can easily rely on. The operators can easily acquire target and even during rapid firing in any stance with the accessories. The slide which can be modified on the handgun also features a Trijicon RMR Red dot sight in front of the rear sight which holds the RMR at a center zero point on this signature sight. This slide includes proper mounting screws to fit the RMR of any model. Operators can also use co-witness sights for usage, which are perfectly suitable for this cut configuration. Most designs include an enlarged magazine catch which is changeable in seconds depending upon the skill set of the operator and can accommodate both right and left handed shooters. Customization makes the firearm tactically ideal in times of heavy exchange of fire.

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