Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas For You – When You Wish To Give A Scary Look

If you’re someone who is wondering about what kind of Halloween makeup you would do in order to your scare the wits out of your friends, you’ve clicked on the right post. Halloween is the best time to do all the creepy things, starting from wearing the creepiest dresses to doing the weirdest makeup. It is a different feeling to gather in such scary makeup and assemble in halloween parties on this day. But while there are some who have already planned their next Halloween makeup, there are some who are still running short of ideas and are looking for some makeup tips especially for Halloween. If you too are one among those who are searching for some makeup looks, here are some makeup ideas for you.

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas For You – When You Wish To Give A Scary Look

  1. Darling Deer: How about dressing up like a deer? Well, this deer makeup is too cute for just describing it in words. All you need to do is some exaggerated makeup, a colored nose and the white patches in order to bring that typical deer look. If you’re blessed with long straight hair and if you’ve got some time, you can even style in some strands of hair to make false-ears. You may also stretch a thin headband across your forehead and loop your hair in order to secure them with pins. Add some whitish nail color and go thumping around.

  2. Mermaid chic: Have you ever heard of mermaid makeup? Well, if you see pictures of this kind of makeup, you might feel that it is difficult, but actually you only need fishnet stockings and eye shadows of different colors. Hold the fishnet till your face and make it work like a stencil. Then start applying different shades of green and blue shadow on your skin and dump the colors with a brush so that you look like the scales of a fish. Create smoky eyes with the same shades and stick on to some same shade jewels on this day.

  3. The mysterious look: When it comes to Halloween costumes, they’re pretty expensive. Instead of buying yourself a bulky mask which is pretty uncomfortable, you can create that makeup by using black liner and black eye shadow. This can be a gorgeous look for that typical Labyrinth-esque masquerade makeup. For your hair, don’t forget to add some setting spray.

  4. The robot look: For getting the typical robot look, you need to paint your face with silver color over the neck, chest and your entire face. Then use the edge of a sheet of paper or a ruler in order to draw straight lines that make an impression of your face being bolted together. Highlight few areas with black eyeshadow to get the ultimate look.

So, for creating that entire creepy look mentioned above, you need to be a bit creative and you have to make the right kind of research in order to complete it successfully. You may utilize the above mentioned guide as well.

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