Creating The Right First Impressions At The Workplace

When you meet someone for the first time professionally in business, it is important for you to create the correct first impression at the outset. It is hard to transform initial judgements of people when you meet them however with some tips from renowned speaker, author and corporate coach in the USA- Marty Hale, you are bound to succeed.

Marty Hale says that people automatically form ideas just within a few seconds after meeting you. These ideas of people are based on different things like appearance, dress, demeanor, voice, attitude and more. In fact, Mr.Hale says that even in the way you shake hands an opinion is formed.

Creating The Right First Impressions At The Workplace

In the business world, it is important for you to create a positive first impression when you meet a new employer or a colleague. In case, you create a negative first impression, it is very hard for you to shake that off. In fact, if the negative impression stays on, it could jeopardize your future in the business world. The following are some tips given by Marty Hale on how you effectively are able to create the right first impression when you walk into an organization or meet someone professionally for the first time:

Actions speak louder than words. It is important for you to show your colleagues that you are very serious about your job. Arriving early displays your punctuality and reflects your respect for the person and the position. If you are late or laden yourself with excuses the confidence of the company or the person in you will begin to fade. It is very important for you to always get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy breakfast before you begin your work. If you are a new worker in a company, it is very important for you to take time and understand what the company policy is in terms of attendance, sick leaves and earned leaves.

It is important for you to be confident when you are communicating with people for the first time. You should always pay attention and maintain eye contact till the conversation ends. It is important for you to treat everyone with respect and when you are shaking hands, it is wise to use a firm grip. When you are dressing up for office, it is important for you to be mindful of what you wear. You must look professional and the colors that you wear should have a corporate feel.Marty Hale says that being well groomed is indeed a great confidence booster.

Last but not the least, Marty Hale says that you must have a positive and professional attitude at the workplace and with the people you meet. It is important for you to learn everyone’s names and listen attentively to others. It is prudent for you to take criticisms and advice in your stride positively. To create the right first impression, you must be flexible and willing to learn. You should also know the ins and outs of the work you are doing or managing too. With all these points, Marty Hale says you will always create the first impression positively!

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