Couture: Blooming Gardens

The sight of the remarkable outcome of his review has become emblematic approach to fashion house and presentation of its new proposals for every season.

That’s why the show haute couture GIAMBATTISTA VALLI is one of the most anticipated and certainly justified all expectations.

For autumn-winter 2016 fashion house once again relies on huge volume, bright colors, delicate florals and sheer ruffles.

Couture: Blooming Gardens

Silhouettes can easily be defined as a kind of ode to eccentricity, inspired by the sight of flowering flowers. One of the advantages of high fashion clothes that allows designers to fantasize and develop their potential – something from GIAMBATTISTA surely use.

The collection can be divided into two conceptual parts, stemming from the classical form. See respectively tunics and pants for the first part, and voluminous skirts and dresses for the second.

Used as a base, these bases suffer their development to achieve a final result – piece suits with 3D embroidery and organza flowers and prom dresses with colors inspired by the 60s and shiny stones inlaid Swarovski.

Emerald lace combined with glittering shine and volume round glasses with faceted crystal on each lens, becoming the must have accessory for any outfit.

What is amazing in the proposals, is the ability to simultaneously implement fantasy, but to make way be adequately aligned with reality.

Thumbnail Copies of Stars

To keep up with the latest fashion trends is a challenge. It is not always about being famous and having a recognizable style go hand in hand.

If the stars fail to attract our attention one time with a brilliant display of taste with their choice of clothing – it’s good. They manage to do it a second time, capturing our attention. This is the moment in which we made it clear that outfit them no accident.

And we began to follow them daily. Because they are the ones who will issue not only what is fashionable today and will winked mischievously, walking the streets bold new combination to tell us what will be obsolete tomorrow.

Lessons in style are hardly free. And until we find the right solution is even possible to lose. In a world as diverse enables us to test the limits how far we get when we do the first steps on the endless road?

For us, this may seem like a complicated puzzle, but here that some manage to find the right solution at a very early age. Who are they?

Eccentric or not, but one of the latest trends among the stars to dress their daughters as miniature copies. So, surrendering private, established and successful style, able to provide them a good start in the upcoming fashion long adventure.

Thumbnail combinations are so inspiring that sometimes we wonder if you dress children are not reprinted fashion success of their mothers.

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