Coolest Features About iOS 7 That You Did Not Know

The revolutionary software that Apple first introduced with their Apple laptops and smart phones became the concept that everyone was forced to work on. Google’s Android is very much the part and parcel of inspiration taken from the operating software that Apple innovated in the market. It was the game changer in almost all devices where the need for an operating system was there. Since then Apple has not looked back and the IOS is the trademark system that only Apple made devices can have and work upon.

Coolest Features About iOS 7 That You Did Not Know

There are several exclusive benefits that you can get from the use of IOS operating software on different devices like for example the synchronization of Apple only devices with each other. This allows you to use your data and access it from any Apple device anywhere. Today, as we stand in the market the operating software of Apple or the IOS is on its 7th version. Apple constantly works on providing new features and innovating different aspects with its various IOS versions that also help in improving the user experience. Today’s blog is going to talk about some key points and the coolest features about the IOS 7 that most of the users might not know yet.

Teaching And Training SIRI:

The Apple’s darling creation called SIRI that is the virtual assistant in smart phones from iPhone 5 onwards has something special in its programming. That special thing is the fact that you can actually train SIRI and teach the software to adapt to various accents, words and pronunciations that are not part of its already existing vocabulary. Most iPhone users undermine this SIRI feature and often stand to not really understanding or working through this kind of programming. However, now you can work on making SIRI your actual personal assistant knowing your accent and words.

Burst Mode:

Your iPhone actually has a burst mode option. This means you can take a series of clicks to capture a movement or a jump through your iPhone and IOS7. All you have to do is while taking the picture you have to tap the camera button for 2 seconds and the phone will automatically start on burst mode, this means taking a series of pictures in a single second. Burst mode has been a very famous feature in phones with Android software, but now iPhone users with IOS 7 can also enjoy this camera mode.

Audio Face-Time:

If you have a limited internet access or you do not want to use most of your internet data then you can also work on using Face-Time with the audio only feature. All you have to do is just click, on the audio call whenever you see a Face-time option with your contact.

Pinch to Zoom:

When you are working on your video recording skills, you must know this feature. The Pinch to Zoom feature is enabled in iPhone 5 onward models with IOS 7. While recording, if you want to suddenly zoom in on a certain object just make a pinch sign on the screen and it will directly zoom in.

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