Colorfulness For A Vintage Home

To be able to see potential there, where others couldn’t ever, is the trademark of creative individuals. It is obvious that interior designers usually have such skills. When a couple such designers were looking for a new home, they find one, but it needs heavy renovation. However, they were not frightened by that, but actually accepted the challenge. So here we have some of the things these designers did. If you need any kind of help, consider hiring the movers Chicago has to offer if you live anywhere in the area. It doesn’t matter if you want to move to a new house, or just rearrange the furniture of your old one, movers will help you deal with that. Now onto our story.

Colorfulness For A Vintage Home

The designers saw the potential of their new home and started changing bits and pieces here and there. What they wanted to do is make the entire house colorful. And that’s not just adding a simple color or two, but actually all the colors of the rainbow. They wanted to make it fun for kids and adults as well, bringing together vintage furniture and the colorful and cheerful atmosphere of their designs.

Without a doubt the first thing that catches your eye is the living room. Actually, the colors of the living room. The bookcase alone presents quite the view, but it fits perfectly with the playful carpet, cut in an interesting shape. The couch may seem a bit awkwardly placed, but it actually allows you to look into the kitchen, where often their kids would play. Thus they can always keep an eye on the little ones.

Speaking of the kitchen, varying colors are also present there. It welcomes us warmly. It has the vintage feel, because the furniture is old, with a rustic look to it. And to add to the whole thing, you can go from the kitchen right outside into the small garden, which is again cheerful and colorful. It is by no means big enough to play many games, but it has the perfect atmosphere for reading outside, or having a fun night with friends out in the open – well, kind of open.

The one thing that strayed from the all-so-colorful look of the house is the bedroom. It is more classically furnished, with dark brown accents and wooden interior. However, it still looks very good, because it is well-lit from the sunlight coming from the big window – a trademark for the whole house it seems.

The children’s bedrooms were almost identical in terms of furnishing, but they were colorful. Wooden furniture and walls, painted in white, contrasted well with all the colorfulness of pictures, bed sheets, drapes, books and toys.

The bathroom was also a bit more classic, but it didn’t lack taste – old-styled tiles and a mirror added to the overall “victorianesque” feel of the entire house.

So no house is beyond interesting renovation and looks. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

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