Can A Facial Exercise Routine Keep You looking Younger For Longer?

The desire for a youthful and healthy complexion can drive many to harsh, invasive and even surgical extremes. But a new – and natural – alternative with visible results is at hand.

We are all familiar with exercising our bodies to achieve optimal health, flexibility and attractiveness, but when was the last time we applied the same principles to our face? New evidence suggests that a facial workout routine could directly contribute to a toned and sculpted facial appearance that keeps us looking younger for longer. Facial workouts are specially designed to improve the circulation, muscle tone and expressiveness of the face – lifting brows, firming cheeks and plumping lines without the need for surgical intervention. Products and serums on the market can contribute to your beauty but are by nature only skin deep. Exercising the facial muscles works at a deeper level.

Can A Facial Exercise Routine Keep You looking Younger For Longer?

The Benefits

Facial workouts can have various benefits, depending on whether they are designed for relaxation and stress relief or consist of a challenging workout intended to produce visible tighter results. Combining a facial workout and massage can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, encouraging the release of tension in problem areas such as the temples and jaw. Stimulation of the skin – both on the surface and through deeper massage – has also been shown to encourage cell renewal and collagen production, as well as restore elasticity to the skin.

Cult Following

The method is already gaining a strong following from celebrities and high-powered working women as well as those wanting a convenient addition to their beauty routine that slots into their everyday life. The Director of Fashion Features at British Vogue, Sarah Harris, is no stranger to stress and travel but swears by facial workouts whenever she hits the red carpet or fashion week. The stunning top model Irina Shayk is also a fan and regularly graces magazine covers showing her radiant and youthful skin.

The Workout

A facial workout itself is as well crafted as a workout for the body, usually featuring a warm-up, cardio element, strength training and cool-down. The warm-up is intended to stretch the muscles in the face, neck and shoulders to encourage blood flow and ensure the area is prepared to be worked on. The cardiovascular element involves vigorous strokes and gentle pinching that stimulate the blood flow and cell renewal associated with a youthful appearance. Strength training is what will lift and sculpt muscles that may have sagged or become excessively tense, and the cool-down that follows will leave the skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready for anything.

Workouts can be tailor-made to suit your own areas or concern or to meet the demands of an upcoming occasion, special event or boardroom meeting. Whether you want to soothe a blemish breakout, revive tired eyes and dark circles, smooth lines or just make a fresh start with your skin, there is a workout to suit you. Make a great first impression with radiant skin that glows from the inside out.

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