Buy Whisky Glasses and Surprise Your Whisky Loving Friends

When it comes to buying gifts for our loved ones, we often stick to something we know they like. This could be a bottle of their favourite fragrance or a brand of chocolate we know they can’t resist – however, more often than not, it’s a bottle of their go-to tipple that wins the day.

UK whisky sales have grown steadily in the past few years, with the beverage enjoying a resurgence in popularity. So with that said, it seems the gift of choice nowadays is likely to be a good bottle of Scotch. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not surprise the whisky-enthusiast in your life with the ideal glasses needed to enjoy a tasty dram of the brown stuff.

Buy Whisky Glasses and Surprise Your Whisky Loving Friends

How Should Whisky be Drunk?

Many whisky connoisseurs believe nothing should be added to the drink. This is because they believe whisky should be tasted in its true and natural form. The distillery will now include the flavours and natural characteristics from the cast it was distilled in.

Others believe a few drops of water can be added, as this can open up new and subtle flavours you would not otherwise be able to taste. It can also take away the burning sensation from particularly strong malts.

When it comes to adding ice, the jury is still out. While the addition of a few cubes will cool the liquid down and make it more refreshing, it will also inhibit the flavours in the whisky as the temperature drops rapidly. This will result in a dull tasting, flat drink.

With all this said, how you take your whisky comes down to personal preference – the most important thing is you enjoy what your drinking. After all, worrying about these rules and regulations takes all the fun out of enjoying your favourite tipple.

What Does a Proper Whisky Glass Look Like?

No matter how you enjoy your whisky, what’s most important is the receptacle you drink out of. It’s now so easy to buy whisky glasses online, it would be foolish not to invest in this proper equipment for yourself or a friend.

Whisky should always be served in a glass, as other materials can taint the taste. A good whisky glass is designed to enhance the flavour of the drink.

One of the most popular kinds of glass is the low ball glass – a short tumbler which will hold about 6-10oz of liquid.

On the fancier end of the scale, specialty whisky glasses usually come in a tulip shape. This shape will concentrate the flavours and vapours to allow you to really “nose” the whisky. By really concentrating on the smell of your whisky, you can inform your mouth to taste all the flavours, making for an all-round better drinking experience.

So if you know someone who considers themselves quite the whisky connoisseur, why not treat them to the glasses that will really change the way they enjoy their chosen beverage?

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