Book Your Shows For Anthony Hamilton Tour Dates 2017

Anthony Hamilton is a Grammy-winning Rhythm and Blues singer. Carrying the tradition of American Blues is something of cognizance. Even in today’s era of violent metal bands such as Slipknot, the bold, yet simplistic delivery of pure blues rings as true as church bells of the Wild West. His unwavering rendition of Django Unchained original soundtracks earned Hamilton significant reputation, already backed with his platinum-selling success in the Second Studio Album.

Book Your Shows For Anthony Hamilton Tour Dates 2017

Perhaps, as a sign of destiny, Hamilton started his musical journey from a Church choir from an early age. Local music producer Mark Sparks was sharp to notice that spark of real soul in young Anthony and helped him to move to New York City, the cultural confluence under the Statue of Liberty.

A Musical Year

2016 has been a busy year for the singer, accomplishing over 50 concerts till date. The popularity of an Anthony Hamilton tour testifies that true music does not come with a shelf life. Many modern songs do not persist for more than a week or two over the music charts. Whereas, the timelessness of a Bob Dylan number has been recognized as ‘Homeric’ voice by the prestigious Nobel Committee when Dylan was presented with the legendary honor this year. Although it is not known whether Bob Dylan has heard of Hamilton, but given the folk roots of the R&B singer, his songs do continue the same soulful legacy of pure folk and blues that is so much of a characteristic of rural America.

A Roots Man

A true musician is more of an expressionist than being an entertainer. As the modern saying goes, “In a world of Kim Kardashians, be a Joan Jett!” What is the difference, a casual audience is tempted to ask. After all, all artists get paid for their performance. Well, it is in the soul, that strange but powerful feeling of triumphant truth over a world of fake make-believe. One may sound as hard as one may summon, but the noise falls into the deaf year of audience eventually if there is no sense of exploring the truth in it.

The beautifully nostalgic rendition of “Coming from Where I’m From” transpires a weary audience into a subliminal sense of hiraeth, a longing for something that one cannot find in real life. In fact, the debut appearance of Hamilton to the mainstream audience was through a choir collaboration with Nappy Roots in 2002. Even that very first presentation reached so far as to get a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung collaboration in 2003.

Concert Tickets Available

Audience response to concert Anthony Hamilton has been significantly positive so far, and there are no signs of this popularity as lessening. Many folks visit his venues for soulful evenings with soft, yet bold voices drifting into the heartfelt resonance of real music. In fact, his voice is not so alien to most people who enjoy good western movies. The Django Unchained OST served as a significant testimony of the wonderful earthly vivacity of a man of color, trying to make sense of freedom in a conflicting world.

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